Beautiful Backyard Wedding

bailey_wireman_chris_cornwell_photographer_jessbranwed068_low Jessica and Brandon were married June 11, 2011

The big day had finally come. Jessica and Brandon had waited for this day since 2007. It was slightly sunny, slightly warm, and you could just feel the anticipation building. The celebration was held in the backyard of Jessica’s Aunt Kathy’s lovely home. Everything from the tent, tables, chairs, linens, and flowers were in place. The food and drinks are being prepped to host 150 or so of their closest family and friends. All they really needed was a nice, clear afternoon. And then the rain came pouring...for two hours. Guests had already arrived. Everyone had no choice but to congregate under the reception tent. Jessica was not going to let rain ruin backyard wedding she had waited so long for, so the couple invited everyone to enjoy the reception and celebrate for the time being. Once the rain cleared, the sun was low, the light was amazing and the air was just slightly cooler. It was a perfect day after all.

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Jessica & Brandon's Wedding Team

Photographer: Chris Cornwell