Wedding Trends of the Year

Today’s brides have left their mother’s wedding handbook behind and are looking for creative ways to express their personality. The top trends for 2012 can certainly help with that. Taking It to the Streets “Dining al fresco” takes on a whole new meaning with the raging popularity of food trucks. For weddings with a less formal, rather playful feel, having your guests line up to the flip-top of a food truck for their wedding refreshments emphasizes a couple’s quirky and fun character.

This is also a great resource for those couples on a budget. For about $7-10/person, a couple can feed their guests, though be sure to ask your mobile caterers whether this includes service, clean-up and travel fees.

Also, plan to have one food truck for every 75 guests. That way, you’ll avoid having hungry guests milling about.

Gender Neutral Whether it’s your Man of Honor or Best Woman, brides and grooms aren’t limiting their besties to one gender over the other. Because, really, this is the 21st century after all.

Make ‘em Blush For another trend that rolls its eyes at tradition, many brides are opting for a blush-colored wedding dress over ivory or white. Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang have added this shade to their latest collections, sending brides the signal that blush is just one more option for their wedding day ensemble. “I love the idea of the blushing bride wearing a blush wedding gown,” said Louisville’s Gabrielle Green via Twitter. “It’s a trend now, but I believe it will change the rules.” Green runs EventDesignShop on, a shop for fun wedding reception accessories.

I mean, if Reese Witherspoon – America’s sweetheart – donned this hue on her wedding day, it’s got to be good.

Orange You Glad? True, many Kentuckians treat the color orange like walking under a ladder or opening an umbrella indoors, but for couples in the planning stage, this haute hue is one to consider. From striking bouquets to reception décor, a pop of this tangerine tone is making an impact.

Keep It Personal Your gift to your bridal party embodies a lot more than a mere “thank you for being in my wedding.” It is a sign, a token of friendship for participating in one of the most important days of your life. So to make a good impression, many brides are opting for gifts with a personal touch. It’s not a new concept – in fact, monograms have been around for centuries – but brides are taking it one step further with items like clutches, jewelry, stationery and even wall art (see page 27) that complements their family/friends’ style.

Add a Little Pizzazz The linens that dress your wedding reception tables are getting a much-needed facelift, thanks to the trend of textured tablecloths. Whether it’s pintuck, damask or quilted silk, linens with a tactile look bump up the style of your décor.

Use Your Illusion The sheer beauty of this subtly veiled neckline is enough to make you choose thissilhouette. But it serves another purpose in that it gives the “illusion” of a strapless without the “are my girls going to pop out?” self-consciousness. It’s a win-win.

Lace Up With the deluge of images of Kate Middleton’s wedding gown still clicked on daily, brides have become enamored once again with long, lace sleeves. This trend is not going anywhere any time soon, especially because it’s such a classic style.

Hair Bejeweled Veils, long and short, will always be a key wardrobe piece for every bride. But adding a little hair jewelry with the veil adds a flair for the dramatic. And once the veil comes off in the reception, you’ve still got an eye-catching hairdo.

Humanitarian Aid Many couples are opting to give a philanthropic donation in lieu of wedding favors for guests. Whether it’s planting a tree in honor of each guest or making a donation to your local humane society for each person on your guest list, a charitable gift will start your life as newlyweds off on the right side of karma.

Photos by: TOP: He & She Photography {courtesy of Utterly Engaged Magazine and Sweet Lucie's}  MIDDLE: Pottinger Photography  BOTTOM: courtesy of Enzoani