October Afternooon Wedding

Zach Delp - Ashton wedding Jeremy and Ashton married on the crisp, autumn day of October 1, 2011.  Happy One Year Anniversary!!!

Jeremy and Ashton’s love blossomed in October of 2007 on their Halloween night movie date. With each Holiday, the two experienced new beginnings and milestones in their relationship. In February of 2009, Jeremy proposed to Ashton in a romantic, private Valentine’s Day atmosphere at his parent’s home, bestowing his grandmother’s engagement ring to his new fiancée. Though multiple holidays are significant for Jeremy and Ashton throughout their relationships ever-growing journey, the two knew they would marry in the month of October. Not only was October synonymous with the start of their relationship, they both adore the fall season.

"An outside wedding had always been our dream."

Zach Delp - Ashton Wedding 2


October would set the perfect stage for their wedding day. The bride's red hair was a beautiful complement to the natural fall scenery. Family held a significant role in Jeremy and Ashton’s wedding, from his grandmother’s engagement ring, proposal at his parents’ house, to the ceremony in the backyard in Russell Springs. Family also encouraged Ashton’s confidence in her wedding day bouquets and floral arrangements, as her mother and friends would be using their experience in floristry to make the backyard blossom as beautifully as Jeremy and Ashton’s love. Amongst Ashton’s breathtaking moment of seeing Jeremy for the first time waiting for her at the gazebo and the fresh, fall air, the wedding surely captured the essence of lifelong love.

Photographer: Zach Delp

Planner: Teresa Wolford

Florist: TeresaThompson and Teresa Wolford


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