Peyton & Patience Wedding Details Update


This week we are sharing some of the design and decor as well as Patience's make-up artist. If you are just joining us, please click to see WEEK ONE, WEEK TWO, WEEK THREE and WEEK FOUR details. The wedding and reception are being decorated and designed by Fleur de Lis Events & Design of Louisville and she will be working directly with owners Alex Hunnicutt and Paul Latham.  Paul and Alex are also both graduates of the Univeristy of Louisville {UofL}. Paul is the current Kentucky Floral Designer of the year and he will be creating all of their floral designs for this fabulous wedding.  You may visit their website at or

Patience is so excited to be working with Fleur de Lis.  Below are a few images and questions with Patience.

KBM:  What has it been like working with Fleur de Lis?

Patience:  “Dealing with Alex and Paul has been a wonderful experience.  When I first met with them I knew they were the right guys for our wedding and even though I loved their designs on their website, it is even better to see their work in person.”

KBM: Fleur de Lis is in the middle of the wedding season, do you feel like you have had ample time to work with them to plan everything in such a short period of time?

Patience:  "That is so true, Alex and Paul are super busy, but I always feel like they have time for us.  Alex has done the walk through at the KFC Yum Center with Peyton and I.   He is so excited and knowledgeable it’s like he reads my mind.  Paul is doing all of the fresh flowers and my wedding bouquet along with my bridemaids bouquets, he is so talented."


KBM: How would you best describe the décor for your wedding?

Patience: “I think the best way to describe the wedding is that it is going to be very modern, very urban and very chic.  The décor will really compliment the wall of windows in The Spirit Room at the KFC Yum! Center.  The view is really incredible and we are so honored to have the opportunity to have our dream wedding there.”

KBM: What has it been like working with Patience and Peyton on their wedding?

Alex:  It’s a unique situation. We had never met them before, but we had a connection.  UofL has molded us just as much as it has molded them and it is a good common ground to stand on.

KBM: I heard you are a big UofL basketball fan, were you able to catch any of the games this year?

Alex:  We are fans of the whole team and we loved watching Peyton play.  Peyton’s playing always keeps everyone on the edge of their seats because if Peyton has a good game everyone has a good game.

KBM: Patience describes the design as modern, urban and chic, is there anything you would add to that?

Paul:  Yes, besides Patience’s description it is going to be elegant as well.  There is a lot of shiny stuff and it is going to sparkle and really catch people’s eyes.

KBM: Outside of weddings, does Fleur de Lis do other events?

Paul: Yes, we do weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and really any celebration.  We have accomplished many a task that people thought were unfeasible.

We will be showcasing all of the beautiful décor and flowers done by Fleur de Lis in the next issue of Kentucky Bride Magazine and I think everyone will be excited to see what Alex and Paul will be doing for their special day.


Patience is using Ashley Corsi of Perfect Complexions in Louisville as her official “makeup artist.”  Not only will Ashley be doing Patience’s makeup, she is also doing Patience’s mom's and Peyton’s mom's makeup along with some of the bridal party.

Patience:  "Ashley is amazing! When I went for my trial appointment, she listened to exactly what I wanted and we didn't have to change anything. She was very professional and her airbrush work is fabulous! I know that my entire bridal party is going to look beautiful on the wedding day!"

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