Peyton & Patience Wedding Details Update


This week we are sharing some behind the scenes and planning information. If you are just joining us, please click to see WEEK ONE, WEEK TWO, WEEK THREE, WEEK FOUR, WEEK FIVE and WEEK SIX details. Kentucky Bride Magazine has been honored to be the official media outlet for the McCroskey/Siva wedding.  This has been a very busy few weeks and we have worked closely with Patience, Peyton and their wedding coordinator, Paula Moore-Kirby. The finishing touches are being handled and this week, we spoke with Paula about her involvement in the wedding.

KBM:  This has been a very exciting and fast-track planning process.  Tell us what it has been like helping plan and coordinate this wedding. Paula:  I just adore this lovely couple.  It has been absolutely fabulous to work with them and be a part of this very special time in their lives!  I have also enjoyed working with Jacki and Jaimeson and being able to bring the U of L fans along with the weekly progress. It has been so much fun.  It has been such a delight to be surrounded by this team of professionals we have assembled and I’m looking forward to a great weekend.

KBM:  Everyone is so excited for this couple and cannot wait to hear details and see photographs from the wedding and reception.  You have a unique perspective as you know everything that will be happening and all of the details. Share with our readers your perspective on the wedding. Paula:  This will be a gorgeous wedding!  The view at the KFC YUM! Center is amazing overlooking the river.  I cannot wait to see everything decorated.  We are in excellent hands with the talented duo, Alex and Paul of Fleur de Lis Events and Design.  I know it will be simply the best!  One thing we are all very excited to see is the cake from “Sweet Surrender.”  The actual wedding cake is going to be so beautiful, but I think we’re all waiting to see what Jessica is coming up with for the groom’s cake.  Patience has given Jessica her ideas and Jessica is designing something really fun for Peyton.  I think everyone is expecting basketball and I can tell you that the groom’s cake is not about basketball, but….Shhhh don’t tell Peyton!!

KBM:  Patience and Peyton are just like any young couple getting married today, except Peyton is a member of the University of Louisville Championship basketball team and was recently drafted in the NBA.   Do you feel like this has had an impact on the wedding and what has it been like working with them? Paula:  It has definitely had an impact on the wedding starting with the location of the ceremony and reception being at the KFC YUM! Center, and so many U of L fans wishing them well.  As far as the actual couple, they are very humble and fun to be around.   They are really excited to be starting their lives together.   We met and went over details on Monday.  Patience is very organized and pays great attention to detail.  Peyton just makes all of us ladies laugh while he always takes time to stop and sign autographs for his many fans.  We were teasing him that he was surrounded by women planning the wedding on Monday; and Tuesday he would be at the White House being recognized with his team and Coach Pitino for winning the NCAA tournament…. Just a normal couple!

KBM:  How excited is everyone that has been working on the wedding for this weekend? Paula:  We are all so thrilled to see each individual aspect come together as one.  Patience’s Mom, Kim Hammond, and Dawn Ford have been coordinating all of the local aspects and we have so many extra special touches for the wedding party and out of town guests that we really feel it will be special for everyone.  I am so excited that Kentucky Bride Magazine is doing this blog and will also continue next week with a little more detail on this very special weekend.





We had a moment to catch up with Patience to talk about this week and the wedding.

KBM:  The big day is almost here!  What has this week been like for you and Peyton? Patience:  This week has been so busy! We have been finalizing all of the last minute wedding details and preparing for the big day!

KBM:  This wedding has been planned very quickly, yet we know it’s going to be fabulous.  How have you been able to pull off what takes most brides a year to do in only a matter of weeks? Patience:  I have had a lot of help!  I am so thankful for all of the people who have been a part of this process and have helped me to pull it off so quickly.  Also, organization is key!

KBM:  What are you most excited about this weekend? Patience:  I am most excited to spend time with family and friends.  There aren't many times in your life where you get to spend an entire night with all of the people that matter most to you.

KBM:  We have had U of L alumni and fans wishing you both the best from all across the United States.  What does this mean to you as a couple to have such support from so many Cardinal fans? Patience:  It means the world to us! We are so honored that we've made an impact on fans from all over the country.

KBM:  There have been so many professionals working to make certain your special day is everything you could have possibly dreamed.  If you could say one thing back to them what would it be? Patience:  THANK YOU!!!!  Without all of those people, this day would not have happened.  We are so grateful for everyone involved, and we have even made some new friends along the way!

KBM:  We know you do not want to disclose your honeymoon location, but can you give us a hint, hot or cold? Patience:  Hot!

All photos by Todd Pellowe.

Kentucky Bride Magazine will be on hand all week and we are excited to be able to give you updates, not only during the week, but Jacki and Jaimeson will also be attending the wedding and may have some “sneak peeks” for you on Saturday!

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