Proposal and Personal Record all in One Day


We absolutely LOVE proposal stories!  This proposal could have gone another way, but luckily there were helpers along the way.  The below is from Eric Patrick Marr, who is the coordinator for Run The Bluegrass, the prettiest half-marathon in America, which is located in Lexington, KY!

Without further ado ...

Alright, funny story time!!! (And they don't know I'm doing this, so I'll be expecting emails afterward from mom!)

So there's this guy. Bill Beckerson's his name. College kid at nearby Georgetown College just up I-75 from Lexington. He's dating this girl. Mary Dowdy's her name.

Poor Mary, do you know that you owe every single bit of your wedding bliss to our behind-the-scenes Race Advisors?!?!?

So Bill emails me, oh about two weeks before this spring's race... ya' know, when I got nothing else goin' on. And he wants to propose to his little hottie, Mary.

At our Finish Line.

Only NOT at our Finish Line.

Bill over there has this great idea of - instead of letting Mary get the PR he KNNNNOWS she's going after on March 30th, with all of her months of training in the books - Bill's plan is to stop Mary dead in her tracks, commmmpletely by surprise, at mile 13.ZERO... not 13.ONE... and then proceed to get on bended knee (don't even ask us what song he wanted us to play for her, "Your Body is a Wonderland" by John Mayer is NOT appropriate for a family event, Bill!) and proposing to speedy little Mary THEN and THERE!

Yeah, that'd go over well, son!

Fortunately for Mr. and Mrs. Beckerson - and all of their posterity for generations to come - I relayed this crazy ass idea to my team of advisors behind the scenes. Who HAPPEN TO BE WOMEN, by and large. WITH BRAINS! (Ummm... I'm a guy too, I sure as heck didn't know any better!)

So they URGENTLY compelled me to pass along to Mr. Beckerson that this was TOTALLY not a good idea ... and that he MUST, MUST, MUST they repeated, wait until she crosses the Finish Line with her PR officially in hand.

And as this photograph shows, Mr. Beckerson listened to his elders and waited for his bride the way a gentleman should, and she then proceeded to say YES!

Ahhhh, college kids!

CONGRATULATIONS to both Bill and Mary ... and Mary for getting her Personal Record at Run The Bluegrass!

Please let us know what your thoughts are about this proposal or if you have one to share, we'd be honored to hear it.