MODEL CALL for a Southern Gentlemen's Shoot


We are beyond excited for this shoot that will be featured in our Winter/Spring 2014 issue! We have done many photo shoots through our five years here at Kentucky Bride ... Bridesmaids, Headpieces, Wedding Day, Artsy Couple, and many more ... BUT we have never done one dedicated to just the GENTS!

Here are all of the details ...

If you would like to be a model, please send an email to Hello {at} KentuckyBrideMagazine {dot} com with all the information mentioned above.

If you are a Kentucky-based company and/or retailer that would like to be considered for being a part of the feature, please send an email to Hello {at} KentuckyBrideMagazine {dot} com and put KENTUCKY BASED COMPANY as your subject line.

If you are someone that knows a company or person that would be a great fit for this Southern Gentlemen's photo shoot, simply leave a comment or contact us and tell us all about them ... we LOVE to show off KENTUCKY!