Potato Hill Farm: A Venue to Remember


In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to “get away," many brides will be happy to know that the lovely Celine and Ronald Quinn, the owners of Potato Hill Farm, are prepared to offer them just that: the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives for a wedding day that they are sure to remember.

Kentucky Bride Magazine: So, how did Potato Hill Farm begin?

Celine Quinn: My husband Ron and I purchased the farm in 2005,  but it wasn’t  until 2010, after many renovations had taken place, that we were able to turn it into the business we had always dreamed it would be. All of the changes we made on the property, most specifically, the barn, were in an “echo restoration” fashion that puts recyclable materials back into the property rather than causing unnecessary stress on the environment by starting over from scratch.  We, along with two trained artisans, used everything from reclaimed barn doors found on Craigslist to stones from the creek bed on our property, to create a simple and elegant environment.  We have been thrilled with the results of our hard labor.

KBM:  On your website, it says you offer both team building and wedding packages.  Does Potato Hill Farm act primarily as a venue for these types of events, or is it a working farm as well?

CQ: Our farm serves mainly as a venue for special events, though we do raise chickens whose free range, organic eggs we sell occasionally. Also, we have three happy donkeys around the farm that serve as our teaching assistants during team building activities.

KBM: Being in such a distinctively hidden area, it is basically a given that you will be prepared to offer different activities in addition to the typical wedding reception entertainment. What are some of these activities?

CQ: Baker-Bird Winery is located only three miles away.  This historic winery from the Civil War Era is still located on its original property, making it the perfect place to grab a glass of wine while also experiencing a piece of Kentucky history.  We also have an entire game room on our property, fully loaded with the classics, such as horse shoe and cornhole.  Additionally, the country roads throughout our property are perfect for day and nighttime strolls.  If you’ve got the time, we would also recommend heading to downtown Augusta to check out the Augusta Ferry.

KBM: What locations for weddings and receptions are available at your facility?

CQ:  There are numerous places on the property that are perfect for both wedding ceremonies and receptions.  Our barn is a prime location as it comfortably seats 60 people and serves as one of the highlights of the whole property. Another location is the stone patio, a gorgeous backdrop for a ceremony.  Also, if the bride prefers, tents can be set up at various locations around the property.

KBM: So, back to the basics.  What is included in the rental of your property for a wedding?

CQ: When you rent our property for your wedding, you receive full access to our barn, the newly restored farmhouse, which holds getting ready rooms for everyone in the wedding party, and 86 acres of privacy. Also available for rental at a reasonable price is the nearby Augusta Trolley, which many people love for the sense of old-timey charm it provides.

KBM: Everything about your venue screams originality. Not only do you offer a uniquely remote farm location, you also offer all of the usual modern amenities, such as wireless internet, that most of us are used to. What else sets your venue apart from others?

CQ: Everything is custom tailored to your vision.  We customize our services and activities to fit your needs, whether you’re hosting a team building event or a wedding. Our restored, sustainable farm is the perfect place for people of all ages to come and truly enjoy themselves.

KBM:  At Kentucky Bride Magazine, we believe in education and inspiration.  In a few sentences or less, tell us something that would educate and inspire our brides.

CQ: I would tell a bride to be like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”.  Everything you want is in your own backyard.  Whether simply planning your wedding or experiencing your first husband-wife argument, look around you and look to yourself and that is where you will find the answers.

N.B.: Augusta, Ky., is located just northeast of Lexington on the Ohio River and it is less than an hour away from Cincinnati. To find out just how close Potato Hill Farm is to you, click here.

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Photo Credit: Brenda Pottinger of Pottinger Photography  Florals by: Yellow Canary