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No one wants to be scrambling around on his or her wedding day, worrying about the caterer or decorating the church.  It’s for this reason that here at Kentucky Bride Magazine, we always recommend hiring an event planner, especially for your wedding.  Essential Details, based out of Louisville, Ky., is one event planning business you can put your trust in. Have a seat and read on to learn how Essential Details’ resident wedding specialist, Jessica Leisl, can make your special day one to remember.

Kentucky Bride Magazine: We learned from the About page of the Essential Details website that you graduated with a degree in design from DAAP at the University of Cincinnati, a very prestigious design school.  Has it always been your dream to be a wedding “designer”?

Jessica Leisl: Actually, no. I got my degree in something creative and then, by chance, I got started in the wedding industry and it just really made sense for me to make a career out of it.  I had always enjoyed planning events while growing up and wedding planning as a career turned out to be a really good fit for me.

KBM: How did you discover your passion for wedding planning?

JL: It was while I was planning my own wedding that I made the connection between my degree and how I could incorporate that into a wedding and event planning career.  I’ve loved it ever since.

KBM: What was the first wedding you planned and if you were planning the same event today, what would you do differently?

JL: I planned my first wedding in 2009 and, looking back on it, I think that I would’ve allowed myself more time for setup and brought on additional help instead of trying to tackle everything myself.

KBM: You are a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants.  How do you think this has helped you in your wedding planning ventures?

JL: The Association of Bridal Consultants was one of the biggest organizations that really got me going in the industry.  Through this association, I was able to  network and shadow other industry experts.  I gained a lot of experience that way and it provided me with a great education in the beginning of my career.

KBM: Your first consultation with Essential Details for your wedding is free.  What do you discuss with the brides (and sometimes, the grooms) during these initial consultations?

JL: I sit down with the bride, and sometimes the groom, and talk to them about the vision they have and also ask if they’ve chosen any vendors yet.  I like to get a sense of where they are in the planning process, but I also like to learn about where they met and them as a couple.  I want to help plan a beautiful, custom wedding for them, but I also want to build a relationship.

KBM: As a wedding planner, it’s basically a given that you will encounter some challenges on the Big Day.  What was the biggest crisis you’ve encountered and solved on a wedding day?

JL: I’ve had issues before with family members getting stressed out.  I’ve just learned to think things through logically and act as a liaison for the bride so that she can have a good time. Good communication always helps as well.

KBM: Blooms is Essential Details’ own full-service flower and gift shop.  Kati Esser is your on-staff Master Florist.  What benefits can the bride expect from using a florist that is already connected to her event planner (or Essential Details) on a professional level?

JL: Well, Kati and I work together on a daily basis.  We really try and challenge each other to create cool and unique ideas.  Already having that relationship with her helps me to push the envelope and direct design conversations where the bride would want them to go.

KBM: What are some other services and gifts offered by Blooms? Do many people buy their wedding party gifts there and is gift-wrapping offered?

JL: Yes, Blooms does offer gift-wrapping. Also, brides, grooms and family members involved in the planning get 20% off anything at Blooms throughout planning process and up to 30 days after wedding date.  It’s a great opportunity for brides to get affordable gifts for the wedding party.  Plus, we also do shipping if the bride wants to send gifts to those who are out of town.

KBM: What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of planning a wedding?

JL: I love it when at the end of a wedding, either the bride and the groom or their family come up to me and thank me for the night.  It really makes you feel like you were apart of the family and that you helped them achieve their dream wedding day.

KBM: At Kentucky Bride, we like to educate and inspire our brides.  Give us a few words of wisdom that will help us do that.

JL: My words of wisdom would be to focus on what the day is about: the bride and groom becoming one. It’s really important focus on your new marriage and the love that you share.

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