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When Ty McBrayer started Twirl, originally a bridesmaids dress boutique, she didn’t know that her true success awaited her as soon as she began to offer a gorgeous selection of wedding gowns. Today, Twirl is one of Lexington’s most successful bridal boutiques and after reading this interview, you will understand why.

Kentucky Bride Magazine:  As one of Lexington’s premiere bridal boutiques, what do you believe sets Twirl apart from other dress shops?

Ty McBrayer: We really try and focus on creating a whole shopping experience.  We have dress fittings one appointment at time so that all of our attention can be on one bride.

KBM:  What was your inspiration for creating Twirl?

TM:  Before starting Twirl, I had been in a lot of weddings, about nine, and I realized that Lexington needed a better selection of boutique bridal stores.  My main objective was to create a place that was comfortable and welcoming to both the bridesmaids and the bride.

KBM: On your website, it says you do bridal gown fittings one at a time.  What is included in these private fittings?  Additionally, what is included in your Fitting Parties for bridesmaids’ dresses?

TM:  For the bridal gown, we first consult with the bride about the look and feel of the wedding.  We evaluate things like what materials they like, whether their wedding is formal or informal and of course, we discuss their price point.  Next, the bride has the opportunity to try on multiple dresses.  After finding “the one”, we discuss order options and alterations. Once the dress has been ordered, we take care of the rest.  As for the bridesmaids’ Fitting Parties, we try to make those a lot of fun.  After the bride has already selected a bridesmaid dress at a previous appointment, we invite all of her bridesmaids to come for a fitting party. There are snacks and mimosas available as the bridesmaids try on the dresses, have their measurements done and put down their dress deposits.  One of the best things about the Fitting Parties is that they offer the bride a chance to get the whole wedding party together to discuss other aspects of the big day.  Additionally, when you purchase your bridesmaids’ dresses at Twirl, the Fitting Party is free.  All of our appointments last about an hour.

KBM:  How far in advance should a bride make the appointment for her own gown fitting as well as for her bridesmaids’ Fitting Party?

TM:  This all depends on the time of year.  We recommend calling at least two weeks in advance.  However, from December to May, which is our busy time, we recommend calling as soon as you know you want to begin looking at dresses.

KBM:  From beginning to end, walk us through the process of a “Twirl Girl” who has come to you for both her wedding gown and her bridesmaids’ dresses.

TM: Typically brides make an appointment to look for their own dress first.  They usually bring a few girlfriends and their mom with them, but we always recommend a smaller group of trusted people.  It can be a bit overwhelming to have a larger group present when trying on your gown.  After discussing wedding details, we pull six to seven dresses to get a feel for what style the bride prefers.  Once the bride has chosen a particular style, we will pull more dresses from that style for the bride to try on.  After modeling each dress for everyone, we help them accessorize the dresses by adding veils, bridal belts, headbands, hairpins and flowers.  Then, after the bride has picked her favorite dresses, she will try them on back to back.  Finally, after finding the perfect dress, the bride will order it. Measurements on the dress will be done once the order is finalized.  We do not offer alterations onsite, but we do have a tailor with 25 years in the business that we always recommend.  Now, as far as bridesmaids’ dresses go, some brides will pick out a bridesmaid dress during their own private dress fitting, but typically, they make another appointment for that.  Once the bride has chosen the bridesmaids’ dress, the Fitting Party is scheduled.  We offer a discount on bridesmaids dresses if the bride purchases her gown here.  Also, we understand that not every bridesmaid lives in town, so we will send an email out on the bride’s behalf to tell her bridesmaids what they need to know about the dresses and fittings.

KBM:  If you could offer any advice to educate and inspire our brides, two of our main objectives here at Kentucky Bride, what would that advice be?

TM:  Make your dress more about what you want rather than what anyone else wants.  Listen to what your gut tells you, and don’t get caught up on what others think.  It’s important that you, as the bride, take time to think about what you want your big day to be like.

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