The Barn at Cedar Grove


Running a family-owned and operated wedding venue is not always easy, but it definitely is rewarding, according to Amy Mitchum.  Join us as we interview her about her popular farm wedding venue, The Barn at Cedar Grove.

Kentucky Bride Magazine: So, The Barn at Cedar Grove was just recently renovated in 2011 for a single wedding.  Do the property owners for whom “The Barn” was originally renovated remain involved with the wedding business that has formed around it?

Amy Mitchum:  My parents are the original property owners and The Barn is actually an old tobacco barn that had been sitting here, abandoned for decades.  One day, my daughter, Mary Mitchum, got the notion to have her wedding there.  At first, no one took her seriously, but we made it happen.  Its restoration has been a labor of love, to say the least. We’ve added restrooms and a concrete floor, but we did our best to maintain the integrity of the original tobacco barn.  Now, a family business has formed around it.

KBM: Does Cedar Grove serve primarily as a venue for weddings and similar events or is it a working farm as well?

AM: We do lease crops, and they rotate between beans and corn, but there are no farm animals on the property.

KBM:  Rental of The Barn allows the wedding party to have access to the venue from 9 a.m. in the morning to 11 p.m. that evening.  Is it typical that brides choose to have both the wedding and the reception at The Barn?

AM: We’ve had had it both ways, but most people choose to do the ceremony and the reception here as it’s most convenient.  Cocktail hours are also very popular amongst the brides we’ve had.

KBM: In The Barn at Cedar Grove “About” section on the webpage, it mentions that there are various locations, apart from The Barn, used for wedding ceremonies and wedding photos, including waterside locales.  What are these locations?

AM:  As far as waterside locales go, we have a little stream on the property that a lot of people like to use for their wedding photos.  Also, Russell Creek borders the property on the other side of the crop field. People who are trying to achieve a rustic look really like the area between the old farmhouse and the Groom’s Cave or the rusty tractor that we have. The entrance to the farm is beautiful as well, with plenty of trees and a choice between blacktop or gravel roads.  Overall, though, the meadow surrounding The Barn is probably our most popular site for both wedding ceremonies and photography.  Also, if anyone wants to explore the property with us, we are always open to new ceremony and photography location suggestions.

KBM: On the day of the wedding, what can a bride expect to find in the newly completed “Bride’s Cottage”?  How about for the fellas... what is the “Groom’s Cave” like?

AM:  The Bride’s Cottage is a single, air-conditioned room with a separate bathroom and a small kitchenette.  It is a spacious, open area, perfect for everyone to get ready together. There are plenty of places to hang dresses, as well.  One thing that’s great about the Bride’s Cottage is that it’s tucked away, but also very close to The Barn.  The bride can have her privacy as she sits on the cottage’s porch swing, but she can also walk right out to ceremony if she wants.  As far as the Groom’s Cave goes, it actually started out as a smaller barn and we’ve had it moved from another property.  It’s currently in the middle of a renovation as we are converting it to a rustic cabin.

KBM: To you, what is the most rewarding part of hosting weddings at your venue?

AM: I thoroughly enjoy seeing the girls’ and couple’s excitement as their wedding visions come to life.

KBM: At Kentucky Bride Magazine, we aim to educate and inspire.  If you had one word of advice for our brides that could do both, what would that be?

AM:  Always say nice things about your spouse to other people...especially within earshot of your spouse. It's a great way to edify your spouse and make them feel truly loved and special.

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