Bridal Portraits in a Vintage Gown


Does the photograph below seem familiar?  Well, if it does, that's because it appeared in Kentucky Bride Magazine's Spring 2013 issue in the "Until Next Time" department.  Now, we're giving you, our subscribers, a sneak peak into the entire photo shoot, shot and styled by Sabrina of Seriously Sabrina Photography.

It's not hard to see why the above photo was chosen for "Until Next Time."  The contrast of the white gown against a background of colorful leaves is just too gorgeous!

When doing a bridal shoot, it's important to consider doing multiple looks, especially if you're only wearing one dress throughout.  The black overcoat plus the simple, black iron gate gives this shot a dramatic look that doesn't seem overdone.

We just can't get enough of this engagement ring photo.  The sparkling ring atop the multi-colored leaves is the perfect recipe for an elegant, yet rustic look.

One of the most important aspects of a bridal photo shoot is capturing that bridal glow.  Clearly, Seriously Sabrina Photography achieved this as you can feel the bride radiating joy by just a quick glance at this photograph.

The black fences in the background of this picture offer the viewer a little taste of Kentucky charm, but don't overpower the photograph.

This picture capture's the bride's playful essence and brings a few lighthearted, childlike moments into the photo shoot.

This front-facing portrait of the bride is just stunning!

Can't you just feel the breeze as the bride stirs up the leaves with a graceful swoosh of her black overcoat?

This image perfectly depicts the bride's carefree, but poised disposition.  We love how she just glows with happiness.

Here, the photographer focuses in on the bride's hands, and with such gorgeous digits complimented by an equally stunning ring, why wouldn't she?

If you still haven't gotten enough of this beautiful photo shoot, take a few minutes to browse through the gallery we've included.  Each photograph is more beautiful than the last!

If you would like to learn more about photographer Sabrina, of Seriously Sabrina Photography, you can find her website by clicking here.

Photo Shoot Location: Shadwell Farm 

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