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When planning for your wedding, one of the first people you should consider booking is a photographer.  After all, it's the photographer who is responsible for the pictures you will be sharing with your children and grandchildren.  Misty Enright, of Misty Enright Photography, is a photographer that believes the little moments are just as important as the big moments.  Join us in our conversation with Misty as we learn more about her style and wedding photography in general.

Kentucky Bride Magazine: When did you discover your love of photography?

Misty Enright: I believe I got my passion for photography from my dad when I was younger.  I would take my Pooh bear and he would take his camera and we would photograph my bear in different places and settings.  Also, as I got older, my friends and I would go on trips and while they would be taking pictures of each other, I was concentrating on photos of the scenery and landscaping.

KBM: What was your “lightbulb” moment when you realized you wanted to pursue photography as a career?

ME: I guess it’s always been in the back of my mind to be a career photographer. I always wanted to try at least.  My husband and I were in L.A. a few years ago, and at the time, I wasn’t working so I decided to take photography classes.  Everything grew from there.

KBM: Was it always your plan to work as a career wedding photographer?

ME: I started out shooting real estate and head shots for realtors.  It was an easy job, but I didn’t enjoy it. Then, one day, one of the realtors asked me to shoot her friend’s wedding.  I was hooked from then on.

KBM: Choosing a good photographer is arguably one of the most important aspects of the wedding planning process.  Why should brides choose Misty Enright Photography?

ME: I have a wide range of experience.  My level of experience allows to mold my style to fit each couple’s style and as a result, I can tailor my technique to fit their needs.  Plus, I always have fun with the couples I’m photographing.

KBM: On your website, you describe your style as non-obtrusive and classic.  How did you develop this personal style?

ME: It’s not really a conscious decision. I just found myself being drawn to the same things in photographs, over and over.  My husband and I had tons of black and white photographs for our wedding and I love that.  Also, I want my couples to interact as they would normally, without formal posing. I look for the emotion of the moment and I let the moment happen naturally.

KBM: Additionally, on your webpage you also state that you are a member of WPPI and PPA.  What do these acronyms stand for and how have these organizations helped you in your career as a photographer?

ME: PPA stands for Professional Photographers of America and I have been a member since 2006.  PPA is an education-based organization full of professional photographers with many different specialties.  They hold annual conferences to keep educating photographers and keep them up-to-date on new equipment and trends.  WPPI is Wedding Portrait Photographers International.  This organization is a lot like PPA, but specializes in portrait and wedding photography.

KBM: You are also a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) as of 2011.  How has earning this certification helped you perfect your skill?

ME: Becoming a CPP requires an exam and portfolio review from industry leaders and it’s a difficult process.  I just moved from Connecticut to Louisville, but when I was living in Connecticut, only 1 percent of photographers in Connecticut were CPPs.  Achieving this distinction was really important to me.  I consider it to be like my masters degree in photography.

KBM: You advertise for mainly wedding photography, but you also offer boudoir.  Do you do other types of sessions as well, such as engagement shoots?

ME: I do engagement sessions as well, because that’s all part of the wedding experience.  Also, if booked far enough in advance, I can also shoot wedding rehearsals, rehearsal dinners and showers.

KBM:  How far in advance would you suggest the bride books her photographer?

ME:  A bride should book her photographer at the same time as she books ceremony site and reception venue.

KBM: What goes into taking the perfect photograph?

ME: For me, I’m constantly looking for amazing lighting. All I ask is that the bride and groom trust me in skills, because sometimes the perfect lighting is next to a dumpster or a truck.

KBM: Have you had to overcome any challenges in your career as a wedding photographer?

ME: There is certainly the challenge of everybody having a camera now.  It is great that iPhones have made it so people can take pictures wherever they want, but there is challenges associated with this.  For example, it can be a little difficult for the photographer who is trying to capture the kiss after the “I Dos” and someone is standing in the aisle, trying to capture the same moment.  I often ask the couple to hold a kiss and I have to remind them what to expect.  It can feel a little overwhelming at times when people are all around you like the paparazzi.

KBM: What is your favorite part of photographing weddings and why?

ME: My favorite moment of the day is when the bride is zipped into her dress for the first time.  The emotions the bride is experiencing are crazy.  She’s a roller coaster of emotions.  This is also the moment when the wedding becomes real for her and her mom or dad.  Also, if couple’s do a first look, I love to capture the groom’s expressions.  At this moment, he is experiencing what the bride was experiencing as she got into her gown.

KBM: At Kentucky Bride, we like to educate and inspire our brides.  Give us a few words of advice that can achieve both of these tasks.

ME: I think the most important thing is for a bride to be able to laugh at herself and her situation.  If a bride can just relax and smile, instead of being so serious, it makes for better photos and it makes everything better in general.  I also always tell my couples that the wedding day goes faster than any other day.  I tell them to soak in the moments because it does go so fast and those little moments are very important.

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N.B.: As of Friday, November 1st, Misty Enright Photography is based out of Louisville.