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Before getting into her gown on the Big Day, every bride wants to make sure she looks and feels her best.  Join us in this interview as Karen Handel, of Pure Barre- Louisville, talks us through Pure Barre's innovative workouts and how they can help you feel like a million bucks on your wedding day.

Kentucky Bride Magazine: Have you always been a fitness buff? How did you get into Pure Barre?

Karen Handel: Lucy Gentry, my co-owner, and I have always made time to workout together in the past in order to stay fit.  Before we discovered Pure Barre, however, it was not a passion, per se, but instead something we felt we had to do.  Upon discovering Pure Barre in Lexington, that changed for both of us.  The technique's effectiveness in achieving results is unparalleled and it is just flat out fun to do!  Anything that is fun to do will keep you coming back!

However, our partner, Annie Locke, has always seen the fitness business as a top priority.  Her record number of body changing results amongst her clients is at the top in the city, and her passion for training is phenomenal!  These are characteristics she brings into the studio with her and to every class she teaches.   It is really so inspiring to watch her work.

KBM: What do you think is responsible for Pure Barre’s sudden rush of popularity in Kentucky? It’s everywhere!

KH: The Pure Barre craze stands on the technique itself, the amazing teachers, and the fact that the classes are fun. Carrie Rezabek Dorr, creator of Pure Barre, developed a technique that works isolated muscle groups to fatigue with no impact or strain on the body.  The majority of the movements range within one inch and we primarily use our own body to provide resistance into the muscle to achieve the fatigue.  Because of this, it is an ideal workout for any physique- young, mature or fit, as well as those with prior injuries and even those that have not worked out in years.  In addition, Carrie keeps a constant stream of choreography and precise, detailed-driven trainings coming to her teachers nationwide.  Teachers are required to live up to a very high standard of care constantly, including the results their clients' achieve and overall continuous engagement within the classes they teach.  The final element that makes Pure Barre so popular is that the classes are fun. We use the music to motivate and it makes it fun and fast paced for the clients, which in turn keeps them coming back!

KBM: Explain Pure Barre’s use of the ballet barre and isometric movements to our brides.

KH: The concept behind the technique is small isometric movements that will burn fat, tone your thighs, abs and arms, and lift your seat in record-breaking time.  Most clients see results in ten classes or less.  The ballet barre provides balance to the clients for these exercises in the varying sections of class.  The technique is also somewhat ballet inspired in that our founder, Carrie, was a dancer for many years, and in that the majority of the thigh exercises begin in traditional ballet first, second and fourth positions.

KBM: What is it that sets a Pure Barre fitness class apart from others? Why should a bride select Pure Barre as a way to get fit for her wedding?

KH: There are three key elements that set Pure Barre apart from other fitness techniques and they are: effectiveness, efficiency and the motivating drive of the classes. In regards to effectiveness, the majority of Pure Barre clients see results in ten classes or less, and, with consistency, body sculpting, toning and shaping results are often seen within 30 days.  If your wedding is further out, we recommend a three month commitment to help bring out the most amazing you on your big day. In regards to efficiency you see results in 10 classes or less and there is no prep time or down time. Not many other techniques or classes can offer that to you.  Finally, there is motivation. From the moment you walk in the studio doors we get you in the mindset to workout.  There's a quick warm up then we move onto to arms, thighs, seat and abs.  Throw in perfectly finessed teacher direction, some hands on correction and shout outs for jobs well done, and there you have an amazing experience all set to songs that entrance the mind to pump the heart faster or slower. We use this multi-dimensional motivation concept to keep the clients feeling accomplished and ready to sign up for their next class.

KBM: Pure Barre- Louisville does offer packages.  Which of these would you recommend for a bride who has six months to prepare for her wedding?  What about a bride who only has two months?

KH: We recommend the Bridal packages for all brides!  It is a 3 month unlimited package that can be offered to the bride, her mother, mother-in-law and her bridesmaids.  If the bride’s wedding is less than 3 months away, she will still be able to use her package once she comes back from the honeymoon.  The first class of course is always free. If the wedding is further out, all eligible clients can continue to purchase the bridal package up until the wedding.

KBM: At Kentucky Bride Magazine, we have two goals: to educate and to inspire.  Give us a few words to educate and inspire our brides.

KH: Our Pure Barre studios believe inner strength is just as important as physical strength.  We build inner strength through physical strength by helping clients see what it is they are capable of in class and what possibilities are achievable within their own bodies. This in turn builds their inner confidence.  What we hope to help provide is a strong confidence and inner peace of how amazingly beautiful the bride feels and it being shown to all on her big day.

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