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In the age of the DIY, many people underestimate the challenge that is wedding planning and design. weddings by house will kick any of your design and event planning questions to the curb with their years of experience and incredible talent that will have your guests ooh-ing and aah-ing all night.  Join us in our journey through the world of design during a conversation with Stuart Hurt of weddings by house.

Kentucky Bride Magazine: According to your biography, you first got into design as a child when you watched your father remodel your family homes. Why do you think interior design had such an effect on you?

Stuart Hurt: I love the change. I love seeing how one idea blossoms into another, and it is just plain fun!

KBM: How did you get the idea to start weddings by house? When did you decide that you wanted to put this idea into action?

SH: We (I have two business partners Jeremy and Dwayne) were working with another company when we were all laid off abruptly due to company shut down. The need to open a shop grew from that. We still wanted to all do what we were doing, but then the idea came and we ran with it.  We were adding elements we had wanted to add with our previous employer to see if they worked…and they did! So we hit the ground and have not looked back!

KBM: weddings by house offers wedding design, interior design and a brick and mortar shop.  Which of these three things came first?

SH: Brick and Mortar shop came first, simply called house…the proverbial “chicken”, and all of the others followed suit closely thereafter. Interior Design came first, then a wedding for a friend, and then another, then another and then it became a part of our business model.

KBM: Choosing an aesthetic for your business must have been a challenge with so many creative minds coming together.  What has been the biggest inspiration for the aesthetic of house as a whole?

SH: Inspiration comes in all forms: a sign, a photo or a late night wake up with an idea that popped into your head. We have what we call "green light” talking. Sometimes this helps, sometimes it does not, but we all listen and then make a decision.

KBM:  When did you first start doing wedding design and why?

SH: The first wedding was in 2006, for a great friend. Her wedding was published in “Style Me Pretty," from which we got some leads, then another wedding came and it blossomed from there.

KBM: A new portion of your webpage, "Weddings", displays some stunning photos of the wedding work you have done.  Was it a natural transition from interior to wedding design?

SH: For me, I do not consider it a transition. It is just an extension thereof. We all make custom floral for our Interior Design clients, so making fresh inspirations for weddings is just like setting the final arrangement in the perfect room to finish it off. Interior Design is not on the back burner. Currently, I have 2 remodel projects happening, and my other 2 partners, Dwayne and Jeremy, are both immersed in a few peoples’ homes making statements and seeing their clients visions come to life!

KBM: How do your wedding design services differ from others?

SH: Detail and attention. We offer one on one personal service. We answer the million phone calls, meet at the Brides discretion and help calm them to take stress off so they can enjoy the week of, not just the day of. We also do not have limits to our weddings. We will help with a simple bouquet, or be as extravagant as the 750 guest list requires…it is the Brides day, and we fulfill their vision.

KBM: In addition to designing weddings, your store now has a bridal registry. What sets your store’s bridal registry apart from all the others?

SH: Our registry is in the “new” stages of growing. We offer the Bride and iPad so she can take photos of the items she likes, and then we create a folder so there are visual markers that guests and those purchasing for her can see. It is still a work in progress, but something that we look forward to expanding as the months pass.

KBM: Give our brides a peak into your wedding design process, from the initial consultation to the night of the wedding.

SH: We meet. We laugh. We talk. We quote. We revise and we tailor to her needs and wants. We laugh some more. We talk some more. We form friendships and relationships that last beyond the day of the wedding.

KBM: What, to you, is the most rewarding part of designing a wedding?

SH: Handing the Bride her bouquet and seeing her face…it truly is priceless.

KBM: Two of our main objectives at Kentucky Bride are to educate and inspire.  Tell us, in a couple sentences, a way to educate and inspire our brides.

SH: Educate them with resources and give them as many options as you can without overwhelming. Pinpointing just one spark for a Bride is key. The inspiration will come from a simple photo of a napkin, to a glorious table floral. After that, it is full steam ahead!

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