Rock Out with The Louisville Crashers


When it comes to weddings, we know all brides want at least one thing for sure and that is for their guests to have fun.  As you will learn through our conversation with Max Maxwell, one thing that The Louisville Crashers, Kentucky's standout wedding band, knows how to do is have fun! Kentucky Bride Magazine: Have you always had a passion for music?  Where would you say this passion began?

Max Maxwell: Most of the guys in the band had a family member that influenced their budding musical careers. For my brother and I, it was our Dad. He owned a music store and played drums with many local, regional and national groups.

KBM: When did The Louisville Crashers begin? How did you originally connect with all of your band mates?

MM: We started the band in 2009. We were all friends and had played music together in different bands through the years. We were hired to play a wedding before we even were together.

KBM: When did you all start to play for events?

MM: We really put this band together to just play private events and weddings. We wanted to create the best wedding band ever.

KBM: How have you all developed the chemistry that is so evident in your music? Why is chemistry such an important thing for a band that plays at events?

MM: We knew we wanted to entertain our audiences no matter whether it was a wedding, corporate event or an outdoor concert for thousands. We are blessed that the guys in this band understand that every time we play music it’s about the people there to enjoy, and not us.

KBM: The “Corporate” section of your webpage shows many rave reviews from different businesses.  How have you all gained such a loyal following?

MM: It’s how we treat people. We treat people how we would want to be treated, and we always leave people wanting more.

KBM: As we’ve seen from the videos on your website, you guys love to have fun.  How do you all like to get the crowd moving?

MM: Fun is the number one on our list. If you're not having fun or gonna have fun then you probably need to go home. We examine our crowds when we arrive and decide just how quick they’ll be dancing. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to get them to loosen up. All our set lists are custom to the event.

KBM: We see on your website that The Louisville Crashers recently released an album.  Was it always your dream to create an album or did you mainly plan on being an event band?

MM: Well the number one question from our fans was “when are you gonna put out a CD”. We felt it was time to give them what they wanted. We have all been in bands that recorded over the years so it wasn’t that big of a deal to put together we just needed to allot the time and make it happen. We will have at least one other CD out in 2014, maybe two.

KBM: According to The Louisville Crashers webpage, you do both weddings and corporate events.  What is different about playing at a wedding versus playing at a corporate function?

MM: Corporate functions can be stuffy sometimes. Weddings are always a chance for us to be apart of someone’s special day. Both are challenging.

KBM: Do you play for other types of private events such as birthdays?

MM: We have been apart of both birthday events and graduations.

KBM: Your set lists for both corporate events and weddings are extremely impressive.  Do you have a particular song that you just love to play?

MM: Well, we all have songs we love playing and songs that we wish we would never play again. I believe the newer songs like Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake are the ones I like playing right now.

KBM: How do you choose the songs that you add to your set lists? 

MM: It all depends on the crowd. Because we have such a diverse list we can go from the 1950-60’s to current music in just a couple minutes. A lot of the time we just look at the master list and call songs as we go. Reading the crowd instead of just playing what we played the last gig.

KBM: If a bride has a special request song that is not on your set list, will you all accommodate that if you’re given early notice? If so, when is early enough (i.e. two weeks prior to the wedding, etc.)?

MM: Yes we have learned and performed Celine Dion, Disney songs and even some bluegrass for first dances, father/daughter, mother/son dances. We need at least two weeks as we are playing more and more weddings and our time to learn new songs is limited.

KBM: What is your favorite part about playing with your band at a wedding reception?

MM: Watching the people dancing and having such a great time, and the wedding cake. We have a clause in our contract that each guy gets a piece of wedding cake. We are serious about our wedding cake!

KBM: Why should our brides choose your band to play at their wedding reception? What sets you all apart?

MM: We guarantee you and your guest will have the best time of your lives. We realize we are there for the couple and you can tell by our performance and our attention to detail. What matters to us is that your guest tell you and others that your wedding reception was the best they had ever attended. That’s what sets The Louisville Crashers apart from other bands.

KBM: Finally, at Kentucky Bride, we focus on education and inspiration.  Give us a few words of wisdom that will both educate and inspire.

MM: If you are involved in a service oriented business, remember it's not about you, it's about who you are serving and how you serve them!

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