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Located right near downtown Lexington, The Grand Reserve is one of the city's most unique family-owned and operated event venues. Read our conversation with Kelly King Bakehorn to learn more about what The Grand Reserve has to offer you for your Big Day.

Kentucky Bride Magazine: According to the “About Us” portion of your webpage, The Grand Reserve is family-owned and operated for over 40 years.  What sets a family-owned business apart from those that aren’t?

Kelly King Bakehorn: Our family brings two huge strengths to our business: the catering side and the entertainment side. I have been in the night club and entertaining business for 24 years, while Jill and her mother have been in the catering business for 23 years. We work every party together from start to finish. We each contribute something to everything from the initial meetings, to the setup, to the not so glamorous job of mopping the floors. We want you to see a familiar face each and every time you enter one of our facilities. Several of our employees have been with us for over 15 years, so our staff is a family in its own right as well.

KBM: At The Grand Reserve, there are two venues: The Gardens and The Venues.  Which of these has proven to be most popular amongst your clients, specifically brides?

KKB: Each space has its own special look. When opening The Barrel House in 2010, we, as well as others, thought it was a great mid-sized venue with a lot of character. Bookings came very easy, but what we were unable to do in that space was to book the bigger parties that we really wanted. We always had our eye on the parking lot that is now The Grand Reserve for that purpose. Now, The Grand Reserve has exploded with attention and we are ecstatic.

KBM: Is it common for brides to rent out both The Gardens and The Venues? Do brides often host both the ceremony and the reception at The Grand Reserve?

KKB: It is very common for a bride to rent out The Gardens with one of our venues. They really like that they can keep their guests within close proximity of both events. Also, being so close to downtown and the beautiful churches available is a plus for our girls as well.

KBM: What is included in the rental of one, or both, of The Grand Reserve venues?

KKB: Some of the things included are pre-event set up, event service and post-event clean up, six foot round tables with silver Chiavari chairs, complimentary house table linens, professional wedding deejay/master of ceremonies for four hours, projection screen TVs for your picture slide show, three LED flat screen TVs, complimentary gift and cake tables, complimentary house centerpieces, complimentary champagne toast for the bride and the groom, complementary soda, iced tea, lemonade, water and coffee and also,   complimentary cake cutting. A full list of amenities can be found on our website under the "Weddings" tab.

KBM: The Grand Reserve also provides an in-house caterer, Bluegrass Catering.  They offer a wide range of menu options, but do they fix custom dishes as well?  

KKB: Bluegrass Catering is our exclusive caterer. We have a wide arrange of foods to offer. As I tell my clients, “Even if you don’t see it, we can make it.”

KBM: What are the bar and alcohol options provided by The Grand Reserve?

KKB: We do bar packages like so: Per person, per hour and per package. First, everyone of 21 years and older is counted and then we can do as many hours of open bar as desired. Lastly you pick the package: 1) Beer and wine; 2) Beer, wine and well liquor; 3) Beer, wine, well and call liquor; and finally, 4) Beer, wine, well, call and premium.

KBM: In addition to in-house catering, what other professional services and vendors are available from The Grand Reserve?  

KKB: The DJ is part of the rental price for both venues and The Gardens. Also, I can be hired as your coordinator and designer for an additional fee.

KBM: Your website gives us a little bit of The Grand Reserve’s history, saying that it was once The Old Tarr Distillery from 1870, but we would love to know more.  Tell our brides a few things about the history of your venue.

KKB: The inside of The Grand Reserve still sports the original brick wall from The Old Tarr Distillery built in the 1860's. It's over 150 feet of red brick with several original two-by-two styled windows and metal window covers. Where our space now sits is where the oak barrels of bourbon would age. Another feature is our original Kentucky Bourbon Barrel stave wall. This was created with the staves of more than 100 oak barrels and equals two miles in length!

KBM: Choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions a couple can make. Why should our brides choose The Grand Reserve to host their Big Day?

KKB: From the moment you sit down, you'll feel at ease. We are your one stop shop and there is no other venue in the city like ours. From aesthetic to pricing and packages, we have it all. You and your guests will walk in our doors knowing that upon entering, this will be an enjoyable event. An incredible menu and a beautiful venue combined with excellent service will ensure that your wedding is everything you ever hoped for.

KBM: Two of our main goals at Kentucky Bride are to educate and inspire our brides.  Tell us a few words of wisdom that could help us to do both of these things.

KKB: To avoid all conflict and problems, read your contracts and get quotes for all charges before signing anything.

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