Congratulations to our new Bride Bloggers!


We loved getting to read the lovely stories from all the ladies who entered our first ever Bride Blogger contest! While we wanted to make each and every one of you a winner, we could only choose two. Without further ado, we announce to you the official Kentucky Bride Magazine Bride Bloggers: Maria Montgomery & Ashleigh Stephan! These two lovely ladies will be sharing the ins and outs of wedding planning in their own words as they prepare for their big day! As as added bonus we will also be featuring stories on the blog from all our Bride Blogger Runner-Ups over the next few weeks so be sure to follow along! Get to know the winners below:

We loved Maria's excitement for all things wedding & her southern chic vision for her & fiancé, Zac's, summer nuptials in June 2015. Here's a sneak peak of their story & be sure to follow more of Maria's planning coming soon on our blog!

"Hand in hand, Zac and I giggled as he blindfolded and guided me through rough terrain. After a great deal of tripping & ultimate confusion, I truly lost my breath upon realizing I was on top of Highbridge Springs. After the shock of being 100s of feet in the air, I turned to see Zac on one knee! It simply was a miracle I didn't fall right off! We quickly realized the clicking we heard wasn’t our hearts racing, but was a train! After sprinting off the bridge I was able to catch my breath and ask if he could reenact the proposal since I had NO IDEA what he said due to shock. Upon Zac explaining that he did ask for Dad's blessing, being the daddy’s girl I am, I realized he was serious… as if the ring wasn’t enough!"

While dating, Ashleigh and fiancé, Johnpaul loved visiting thrift stores together. So when he decided to propose he incorporated that love into one of the cutest proposal stories we've ever heard. We are so excited to read more about this adorable couples' plans for their upcoming September 2014 wedding in Lousiville.

"One day in May, Johnpaul came home with an antique chair that definitely needed some fixing up. Once he started tearing into it, though, he called me over because he'd found something inside - a tin filled with old photographs and a handwritten letter. The letter pointed me to the arm of the chair, saying there was another letter hidden in the wood. Tucked in the wooden arm of the chair was his grandmother's engagement ring that he'd customized for me - and when I turned around he was down on one knee. It was such a perfect proposal for us and I love telling the story because I know no one else's story is like ours. Soon after our engagement, we moved from Brooklyn, NY to Louisville. After being in Kentucky for just a few weeks, we knew that we wanted to have our wedding here and show all of our friends and family how wonderful our new home is."

But that's not all! Kentucky Bride's very own Beth King will also be blogging about her and fiancé, Sam's summer 2014 wedding. In December we featured a post about their sweet, surprise proposal and we cannot wait to follow along in her planning as well. Beth will be joining Maria and Ashleigh as a regular bride blogger so be sure to check back weekly to catch up with each of them!

"I don’t remember much of what took place in the next few moments except that I was crying, Sam was down on one knee, and I was saying “yes” to marrying my best friend. We celebrated long into the night with people we loved and watched the slideshow of photos from our special day. I’m so thankful for all the people who helped to make it so memorable for both of us. From beginning to end it was truly the most perfect day and I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing man!

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