Bride Blogger Runner-Up: Jennifer & Jeremy


Jennifer & Jeremy will be tying the knot in June of 2015.  Read all about their love story that spanned two decades below!

From the bride-to-be: I have often heard the popular phrase about true love returning to ones heart, "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was, and always will be yours...."

Never in my wildest dreams at the age of 35 did I think it would happen to me.

I had my first 'boyfriend' towards the end of my 6th grade school year in 1987. His name was Jeremy, he had hair like Jordan Knight from the popular boy band New Kids on the Block, complete with a little rat tail. Jeremy was a new student in the small Catholic school I attended. An Army brat, the majority of us students were. I remember a few things from back then, braiding his rat tail in math class, wearing his Swatch Watch at recess, sitting next to him on the bus for field trips. Then school ended. Come 7th grade, he had a new girlfriend. Apparently break ups were less complicated in the 80's.

Fast forward to fall 2010, I'm sitting on a bench waiting to hear my name for a table at a restaurant, coincidently, walking up the sidewalk comes a face all to familiar, despite being nearly 20 years since I'd seen it. There he was, my first love, looking better than I had ever seen him. We have been joined at the hip since reuniting.

In January 2013 we took a Disney Cruise with his family, on our last night we took a nice sunset walk all the way to the top deck of the Disney Dream, we watched the sun set & reminisced about the fun we'd had on the cruise. Jeremy went to one knee and began to speak "All good things come to an end but I never want the love we share to end, I have been given a wonderful second chance at happiness by having found you after so many years. I want to spend the rest of my life with you Jennifer. Will you Marry me?"

Obviously I said yes! I mean how could you not!? Such a perfect and well thought out proposal, he had the very ring I told him a year earlier was absolutely lovely.

I finally get to marry my soul mate!

"..If it comes back, it was, and always will be yours...."

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