Embrace Natural Elegance at Gheens Foundation Lodge


Many brides love the idea of hosting an outdoor wedding, but do not like the uncertainty regarding weather and other natural factors that comes along with it. If you're a bride in search of the perfect venue that has an outdoor feel without being completely outdoors, then Gheens Foundation Lodge might be exactly what you're looking for. Sit back, relax and listen as Gheens Foundation Lodge facilities manager, Sam Stewart, tells you exactly what they have to offer you on your wedding day.

Kentucky Bride Magazine: When did Gheens Foundation Lodge first open? Was it created specifically to become an event venue?

Sam Stewart: Gheens Foundation Lodge opened about a year ago. Our first event was hosted on January 21, I believe.

KBM: Located in Beckley Creek Park, a part of The Parklands of Floyds Fork, Gheens Foundation Lodge is surrounded by nature.  What do you think bride’s enjoy most about the Gheens Foundation Lodge location?

SS: The main event room has floor to ceiling windows and plenty of space. Brides usually love the view of the outdoors and the surrounding park.

KBM: Have any couples used the Foundation Lodge and surrounding areas as a place to take their engagement pictures?

SS: Couples love taking their engagement photos around the Lodge and in the surrounding parks.

KBM: Do brides usually use Gheens Foundation Lodge for either their wedding or reception? Or is it popular to use it for both?

SS: We do a good mixture of both ceremonies and receptions separately, but many brides choose to host both here.

KBM: What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of hosting a wedding?

SS: I would say getting to share in someone's special day.

KBM: Besides weddings, what other types of events are typically hosted at Gheens Foundation Lodge?

SS: We do many types of events, but especially fundraisers and employee appreciation events.

KBM: Do you all host bridal showers or rehearsal dinners?

SS: We can if the bride wants to rent the space for that.

KBM: What all is included in the rental of Gheens Foundation Lodge?

SS: We allow access up to four hours prior to the event for setup. We take care of table and chair setup for indoor events. Also, we allow two hours after the event for vendor breakdown.

KBM: You all have a list of approved caterers on the website. Is a bride allowed to use a caterer that is not on this list?

SS: Brides are only allowed to use the caterers we've preselected. There are multiple caterer options, though, and they are all highly qualified so there should be the perfect caterer for every bride.

KBM: Are there any other vendors you have pre-selected for wedding use? How about different wedding planners?

SS: We use Rental Depot for decorations if they have what the bride wants. Otherwise, other vendors chosen are up to the discretion of the bride.

KBM: Here at Kentucky Bride, we focus on the education and inspiration of our brides. What are some words of advice you would offer to our brides in regards to these goals?

SS: Make a list for the photographer to make sure they capture all of the moments that are most important to you. Also, always plan for the weather and have a backup plan for rain if you plan to do any part of your wedding outdoors.

To visit the Gheens Foundation Lodge website, click here. Also, if you would like to connect with The Parklands of Floyds Fork via social media, visit the links below.




Photographs courtesy of nFocus Louisville, Quadrant Photography, WRT Design and Ellen Doolittle.