Bride Blogger Runner-Up: Lindsey & Sam


From the bride-to-be: Sam and I call ourselves the luckiest -- so it feels fitting that we met in Las Vegas! We were a part of a birthday party – my friend from college, Sarah, and her husband, Greg, Sam’s friend from NYC. From the first evening we couldn’t stop talking, I couldn’t stop laughing and he couldn’t stop smiling. We started long distance, I was living in DC and he was in NYC. Through weekend visits, but also hundreds of emails, texts and phone calls, he won me over. Despite our different upbringings – he grew up in Manhattan and I in Lexington – we were the same. A year after our first date, I was in New York visiting, when he entered the room saying ‘I have to ask you something, and I can’t wait any longer.’ I caught my breath, and we held tightly onto each other as he proposed. I agreed, once I could breathe, and he then opened the box to the most beautiful engagement ring I’ve ever seen. I gracefully accepted the ring (okay...fine, I reached in and grabbed the ring, placing it on my own finger… it was that gorgeous!) and we spent the evening imagining our shared future. The next day, Sam had made an appointment for us to look at ring settings. His father had given his mother a sapphire and he wanted to honor that by incorporating sapphires into mine – but was a bit scared. Being a Kentucky girl – I know that a little blue (and some extra jewels) are always a good thing! We had so much fun designing the setting and I love that we both played a part in the ring that symbolizes our commitment! Sam fell in love with KY quickly and knew that it was important to me to be a Kentucky bride – so choosing Lexington and Spindletop was easy (who wouldn’t want bridal pictures on those spiral stairs?) But, there is so much more yet to do -- we want our wedding to reflect KY and NYC, our current home. We’re creative – so incorporating new ideas in a way that honors tradition is important to us. Most of all – we want to kick off our future celebrating our love, but also our loved ones.

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