Bride Blogger Runner-Up: Carilynn & Curtis


From the bride-to-be: Curtis and I met back in 2006 when we were both freshman at the University of Kentucky. We were introduced by a mutual friend and for the first few months that we knew each other we were NOT friends. There were even times where we dodged events so we didn't have to see each other. In his defense I was very high strung in college and to my defense he didn't seem to have a care in the world. School and organizations continued to push us together and we slowly started to become friends and eventually made it to good friend status around 2009 (only took 3 years, he never gets in a hurry about anything). 

After we had both graduated I started to use his family farm as an oasis, leaving the city of Lexington for something slow paced. On my birthday in January 2012 I convinced him to date me (really, he just doesn't know how to say, "No."). He said, "I Love You," during the Final Four UK/UL game, which was a miracle seeing as I am a UL fan and he is a UK fan.  

Then on November 22, 2013 Curtis took me out on the farm that he had just purchased; the one we had decided to build our family home on. We went 4-wheeler riding around the property line and through the creeks. It was FREEZING! I mean, I had never worn so many clothes in my life. We stopped at my favorite point on the creek and he got off the 4-wheeler. Then he turned around and got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. After I threw myself into his arms (I had to add a little drama), he looked down at me and very sweetly said, "Well let's go, we have cows to move."

We (ok, I) decided on a fall wedding. I love my hometown in the fall. It is full of color and the smells of barns full of tobacco burning. We will be getting married in my home church of St. Jerome with the reception being at the KC Hall. Now, the KC Hall is what I am most scared about. It will be the biggest challenge to decorate a gym like building but I am excited and up for the challenge.

Here is to "Happily Ever After"!

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