Bride Blogger Runner-Up: Christina & Evan


From the bride-to-be: After quite a long courtship, Evan proposed one morning in our new-to-us house with a dream worthy ring. Although, it was not an ideal living situation we had going on, just picture mattresses lying on floors of bedrooms and a living room furnished with lawn chairs (waiting on furniture delivery-we don't plan on living like squatters forever!) It was just the two of us, incredibly romantic, and a better proposal than I ever could have planned/hoped for!  

As for our upcoming nuptials, I have high hopes. I like to fancy myself the simple, laid back yet chic type, while Evan is the life of the party and has no qualms about being the center of attention. I would love to incorporate both of our styles with a quiet country-inspired outdoor ceremony for me with a party-of-the-century reception for him. Hmm....I see hoards of magazine clippings and Pinterest binging in my near future.

I have been feeling slightly overwhelmed, wondering how in the world I will pull this off. To add to this stress, I am a school teacher. I have no choice but to plan this day of wedded bliss for the prime-time wedding season of June or July. I literally have two friends getting married in the same time span, no pressure to deliver a killer, memorable wedding! 

Luckily I have an entourage of women-folk surrounding me ready to take on any task I put them to. Here's to hoping we can pull this off and create a day our guests will always remember!

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