Bride Blogger Runner-Up: Candace & Jason


From the bride-to-be: On December 21, 2013 Jason took me out to lunch and then to see White Christmas at my favorite place in Elizabethtown, Kentucky - The Historic State Theater. Jason has always known that the theater is my favorite place to go because of its history, nostalgia, and artwork. I have always said I wanted us to get married in the actual theater. And to top it all off during/after the showing of White Christmas, I was talking about having our wedding there and about how we could have a picture slide show of us on the big screen during the ceremony. 

After the showing of the movie, I had gotten up and was ready to leave and Jason told me to sit down, twice! The last time he told me to sit, I sat down and the lights went out and pictures of us popped up on the screen! I couldn’t believe it! I looked at him and asked, “Did they hear me talking about the slide show earlier? Did you tell them to do this?” It was perfect timing because of our conversation during and after the movie. The slide show included pictures of us in chronological order; when we first met at fourteen years old to current pictures of us now. 

At the end of the slide show he got down on one knee in the theater aisle and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes and cried! Not only did we get engaged that day, but we also made history. One of the theater workers told us that we were the first engagement to happen inside the actual theater. White Christmas and The State Theater will always hold a very special place in my heart. 

Our wedding is going to have a wintery, vintage feel with sparkly elements, contrasted with twigs and pine cones. The décor is also inspired by trinkets I have collected over the years from antique stores and family members. We will be saying our “I Do’s” on the theater stage and hosting our reception in the theater’s gallery. 

I cannot wait to marry my best friend and spend the rest of my life with him!

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