Beth & Sam - Our Story


Let me first begin by saying just how excited I am to share with you everything that goes into making our special day just that. My fiancé, Sam, & I knew when we got engaged that we did not want to wait a long time to get married & after settling for a June date just 7 months away we were totally prepared for the work that we were getting ourselves into. What I wasn’t expecting, however, was how much fun wedding planning would be! I am completely in love & having a blast planning our big day with my best friend & soon-to-be husband. As a future bride who’s planning a low-budget DIY affair, I’d love to get to share with all you readers out there what I’m learning along the way over the next few months. But first things first. As you may have seen, our engagement story was up on the blog back in December, but I wanted to share a little bit more about Sam & I before I start diving into wedding planning territory. So here it goes:

Sam & I met back in 2011 at our church. While he still says my ex actually introduced us earlier in the year I don't have any recollection of that moment. So we settle on the following story when people ask. The weekend before Thanksgiving of 2011 my roommate & I were inviting people to our apartment for a Thanksgiving lunch after Sunday service. While still at church we were backstage talking to friends & I realized that Sam, who plays guitar for the worship band, was the only person we hadn't invited. At that point in time I had never really had a conversation with him but knew who he was through friends. So wanting to be a nice, friendly person I invited him over. Sam, being sneaky (although I was completely clueless at the time) asked me for my number, "in case he got lost", but really it was because he thought I was pretty.

We had a great time that day stuffing our faces with delicious food, but a few things stand out in my memory. Like how much my friend continuously told me Sam was the greatest person ever, how many times he complimented my pumpkin cream cheese muffins (in direct correlation to the multitude that he ate) & the hilarious fact that he personally broke two of our patio chairs within an hour. Two weeks later Sam called to ask me on a date &, after I practically hung up on him, talked to everyone I knew about it & finally called him back to say yes, we went on our first date. It was perfect, Sam was the sweetest guy I had ever dated. He took me to my favorite restaurant, made me a mix cd that somehow included my favorite band & treated me like a princess all night. I was hooked, and immediately said yes to a second date when he dropped me off at my apartment. Two years later, Sam still treats me like the most important girl in the world. He opens every door for me, tells me I'm beautiful & brings me soup when I'm sick. He is the most encouraging, supportive, loving & amazing man I've ever met & I'm blown away that I get to marry him on June 20, 2014!