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Some would venture to say that an event is only as good as its décor. Erika Hunt from Classic Party Rentals is here to tell you, our beautiful brides, how Classic Party Rentals can furnish your event to perfection. From tents to tables and everything in between, Classic Party Rentals does it all.

Kentucky Bride Magazine: How did you get involved in the event planning and rental business?


Erika Hunt: I began working as an intern for Jacki Allen and Jaimeson Gann the summer before my senior year in college. I gained irreplaceable experience learning every aspect of the business. They allowed me to work one-on-one with their brides and at that point, I knew I was hooked!


KBM: As an account manager at Classic Party Rentals, what does your position entail?

EH: A little bit of everything! Most importantly, I manage and coordinate the rental needs for all of my clients. We like to be a one stop shop where we help with the design of the space and figure what their specific event needs.


KBM: What are some challenges you’ve had to overcome in the event planning industry?

EH: Learning how to work with all kinds of people. Each event is so unique that you always have to be on your toes ready to dive in head first. This industry is also very demanding of your time. There is really never a “slow” season anymore and you are constantly on the go.


KBM: According to the Classic Party Rentals website homepage, you offer clients an extensive network of 2,000 event professionals.  What types of professionals from this network could help our brides plan their dream weddings?

EH: We work with everyone and we are a fantastic resource for referrals in the business. Brides love to come into our office and pick our brains!


KBM: How are these professionals selected to be included in this network? What are the qualifications?

EH: It all is based on experience and working with one another. I can easily love someone personally, but I know they might not work perfectly with a specific individual. It’s important to know your client before referring them to one of your “preferred vendors."


KBM: Is a bride allowed to use her own planner when working with Classic Party Rentals?  If so, is it recommended or do you all prefer to use one of your own planners?

EH: Absolutely and we encourage it. Although many of us come with a planning background, we are not actual planners here at Classic therefore we love when there is someone assisting the coordination of all the pieces involved.


KBM: Classic Party Rentals has an entire tent division, Classic Tents.  What types of tents do you offer?

EH: We are the nation’s leading provider of tents so we really have pretty much anything you can imagine: pole tents, frame tents, clear span tents, structure tents... even round and double-decker tents! Being a nationwide rental company allows us to have a wide variety of product.


KBM: What are some reasons you might give to encourage a bride who is still on the fence about using a tent during her ceremony and/or reception?

EH: When in doubt, use a tent. Lighting and décor can make a tent gorgeous!


KBM: Are tents preferred for only smaller weddings?  What is maximum capacity for your largest tent?

EH: The possibilities are endless. I have never heard of a group too large for a tent. Tents are put together in sections, so the larger the space needed, the more sections we add.


KBM: For brides planning to use tents during their wedding, what are some words of advice you can offer in regards to setup, maintenance and take down?

EH: Brides do not need to do anything. We find out everything we need to know in the very beginning and then our trained professionals come out and install and remove the tents. Some important information to have before calling about a tent: where you are putting it, the type of ground it is going on (ex: grass, asphalt, gravel, ect), if we can stake the tent or if we have to weigh it down, if there are power or water lines if we are staking, if there is a water source if we are weighing it down, what time we can begin installing (and what time it has to be done), what time we can begin taking it down (and what time it has to be finished), etc. Our account managers will walk you through this process so nothing is overlooked. We also like to do site inspections for tents so we can get a better idea of the space.


KBM: Classic Event Solution and National Response are both divisions of your business that cater to your corporate and national clients.  Are the services of these divisions utilized during wedding-related events as well? If so, in what ways are they utilized?

EH: They certainly can be, but more than likely, a wedding would be handled at the local level. Those divisions are used for large production jobs.


KBM: What’s different about planning a wedding versus planning a corporate event?

EH: The emotional level involved is certainly different. When you are planning a wedding, you are planning one of the biggest days of your client’s lives. For a corporate event, it is more black and white and about the product and its use.


KBM: When a bride chooses to plan her wedding and/or reception with Classic Party Rentals, what is included in these services?  Are there packages for brides who may be interested in using Classic Party Rentals for the rehearsal dinner or wedding shower in addition to their wedding?

EH: Classic is here to be your one stop shop for event rentals. We are happy to help with any and all parties the bride has! Typically, we are here to help the bride put together her order and then manage the process it will take to get that product to her event site and set-up. We specialize in creating layouts for the event if needed and providing insight on what works and what does not.


KBM: Walk us through the Classic Party Rentals planning process in regards to a wedding, from the initial consultation to the actual event.

EH: We typically set up a meeting with the bride to review her initial ideas and discuss her vision in terms of event rentals. From there, we create and order a layout. Once the bride approves of a layout we take over and make sure the product is where it needs to be on the wedding day, all set up and looking gorgeous.


KBM: What is your favorite part of planning the rental side of a wedding?

EH: It has to be the relationships you build with the brides. It’s such a wonderful time in their lives and I love seeing the finished product knowing it’s exactly what they wanted.


KBM: Finally, at Kentucky Bride, we are all about education and inspiration.  Offer our brides a few words of advice that will both educate and inspire.

EH: Enjoy every moment of this process. Being a new bride myself, I have learned that you need to trust the vendors you are working with. Once you trust them you need to let them do their jobs! They are professionals and they are there to make your day magical! Breathe and realize no one expects you to know everything and that’s why they are there to help you!

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