Mhyria & Vlad - An Engagement Session


Join Kentucky Bride as we look through the incredible engagement photos of Mhyria and Vlad. Photographed by Kylene White of Kylene's Photography at Lakeside Swim Club in Louisville, these photographs are the perfect reflection of this couple's love for the water and each other.

First of all, how beautiful do Mhyria's blue eyes look against her peach dress? We think they are stunning!

We love this picture for the natural backdrop and Vlad's warm smile.

This photograph of Mhyria and Vlad jumping into the water just shows you that this couple likes to have fun together.

Mhyria's smile is hardly visible in this photograph, but once you've seen it, you can see how in love she truly is.

What underwater photo shoot would be complete without a couple kissing shots? We love this picture of the couple as they enjoy their special day.

Mhyria's peach dress was gorgeous out of the water, but combined with a white scarf beneath the water, it transformed into an elegant, mermaid-like gown.

In this picture, it looks as if the couple is dancing. It's almost like a scene at the ballet!

We love the symmetry of this photograph as Mhyria and Vlad lay down under the water, facing each other.

Of course we had to sneak in another kiss picture! We love this one for the kiss and the warm underwater embrace that accompanies it.

This final photograph is just too beautiful. The couple floats near the surface as Mhyria's peach dress adds a bit of warmth to the cool blue water.

To visit the Kylene's Photography website and learn more about the photographer of this incredible engagement shoot, click here. All photographs were taken at Lakeside Swim Club in Louisville.

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