Setting the Tone of Our Wedding


After we got engaged, we got bombarded with ideas, suggestions, and opinions about what our wedding should be like. Whether it was blogs with infinite wedding styles to consider or family members with very specific ideas of what our big day should look like, it was too much too fast. If you’re anything like me, one day you’re just hanging out with your boyfriend without a care in the world, and the next day you’ve got a new piece of jewelry on your left hand and a lot to consider: Summer wedding or Fall wedding? Elegant or relaxed? Buffet or Plated?

I did my fair share of overwhelming research (aka: Pinning) at the beginning of our engagement and it did nothing in the way of helping me decide what the tone of our wedding should be. I was pinning beautiful images of Art Deco weddings in ultra-modern settings, quaint Southern weddings on plantations, and beautiful beachy weddings in tropical locales…but after all of my “research,” I felt more confused than ever. Now, I’m not against Pinterest as a wedding planning tool, but I think that it’s only helpful once you’ve honed in on an overall “feel” of your wedding day so you can block out everything else that doesn’t pertain to you and your fiancé.

Johnpaul and I had a bit of a “come to Jesus” moment before we were able to start planning for real – and talking about what was most important to us in picturing the big day was a great place to start. It may sound strange, but besides being married to each other and spending the day with our loved ones, we knew that food was the most important thing to us when it came to planning our wedding. We love going out to dinner and trying new places and interesting dishes, and we’ve found that we tend to prefer restaurants that emphasize farm-to-table cuisine.

It didn’t take us long to decide that Rye, which had quickly become one of our favorite restaurants in Louisville, would provide the perfect menu to for our wedding. Food brings people together in such a great way, and we wanted our wedding reception to feel like a really great dinner party in a very beautiful backyard. We opted for a family style meal, which I think is the most intimate way to share a meal with close friends and family…and sets the perfect, “elevated casual” tone that we wanted for the day.

We’d found the food for our great dinner party – but we still didn’t have the beautiful backdrop we pictured it in! We visited botanical gardens, event barns, and parks but nothing felt quite right – until we visited Blackacre Conservancy. As soon as we turned onto the gravel road shaded by a canopy of lush trees and saw it open up to a an expanse of untouched nature as far as the eye could see and a barn from the late 1700’s nestled among the trees, we knew we’d found The Venue.

Some brides certainly prefer a venue that takes care of all of the details for them, but I loved that Blackacre was like a blank canvas as far as planning – they don’t provide anything besides a picturesque backdrop. Though that means a lot more work (truthfully, more than I expected) for us, it means that even the smallest detail will be exactly what we want.  With a backdrop like Blackacre and food from Rye, I know that our wedding will be beautiful (and delicious), and I can’t wait to continue sharing our plans with you so you can see our vision come together!