Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


Hello again brides-to-be! I hope your wedding planning is going smoothly & that you are all having the time of your life preparing for your big day. Today is just under the 80 day mark until our wedding & I am right in the middle of lots of fun prep. In fact, this Friday is our first shower (a "His & Hers" shower thrown by my amazing bridesmaids) & I am beyond excited!

So with all the exciting updates out of the way, I thought I'd share with you the hardest thing I've experienced in the past few months of wedding planning (really fun, right? Trust me, keep reading!). It hasn't been choosing a venue or even picking out a dress. In fact, those were probably the easiest things I've done. I had them both within a week of getting engaged (to say I was excited to start planning is a huge understatement). The hardest part was actually picking my bridal party and I feel like I'm probably not alone in that. I sat for weeks with ten possible names on a sheet of paper, constantly crossing people off and then writing them back in. I was so worried about leaving people out, or upsetting someone, especially since Sam & I had decided on only five people for each side of our wedding party, that I could not make a decision.

Then, one day, after talking to my married friend Kristin & asking her advice on the situation she offered these wise words that I now pass on to you: "Pick people that will be around not just for your wedding day but that will be there for you for the years to come".

That advice was so helpful that I was able to throw off all the stress that I had put on myself to pick the "perfect" bridal party. Instead I was able to lovingly ask all the ladies that have not only been there for me since Sam & I started dating but also the ones that I can see being there for both of us throughout our first few months as newlyweds. I'm so thankful for all five of the lovely ladies that are currently taking time out of their busy schedule to selflessly plan & throw us an amazing shower & I can't wait to have them standing next to me when I say "I do" to the man of my dreams.

Once I had all that figured out I was able to focus on the fun part: creating some "Will you be my bridesmaid?" gifts! Scroll down to see the cute bags I used to ask my ladies to be with me on my big day.