Zac's Proposal to Maria


On one of the most beautiful Fall days I’ve ever witnessed, my boyfriend Zac mentioned he wanted to take me some place as a surprise. Although I was excited to go, it was my brother’s birthday so I simply mentioned that I’d have to be back in time for dinner… little did I know what was in store! As we arrived close to the location, Zac said he needed to blindfold me in order to keep me from seeing the road signs which would hint to where we were going. This is the part that seems like it should have been a MAJOR red flag. But believe it or not, it wasn’t AT ALL! Zac plans surprise trips like this almost monthly, (he's a bit mushy-hearted which I like :))  so I honestly didn’t think a thing about it. Plus, he said this was 1 of 3 places he wanted to take me, so it wasn’t like I had tons of anticipation about this ONE special trip! However, that was a sly yet smart trick he played to keep me from being suspicious. Truth is the other two places didn’t exist!

Once we arrived, Zac grabbed my hand and we laughed as he guided me over rough terrain, around trees, and over rocks. After a great deal of tripping & ultimate confusion, I decided it was worth peeking to see my feet so that I’d stop hitting my shins on everything. However, I only budged the bottom of the UK handkerchief enough to see down at my feet, but that’s ALL I could see since I couldn’t see out straight ahead (promise!).  By this point I saw that I  was standing on metal which made me completely confused. When he un-blindfolded me, I truly lost my breath upon realizing my toes were inches from the edge of an EXTREMELY high bridge. There was just something about walking that trail blindfolded that I had NO IDEA we were even going up hill that much through the drive and walk to be anywhere near that height! I soon found out this was appropriately named High Bridge, which is over a major water source for Kentucky - Highbridge Springs. I gasped for air due to my minor fear of heights, complete shock, and on top of that the view of the ASTOUNDING beautiful day with all the trees freshly turned to Autumn colors that framed the river so perfectly.


As if all this shock wasn't enough, I turned around to realize Zac was on knee! It was a miracle I didn't fall right off! I couldn’t stop saying “what??? Whaaaattttt???” as my hands covered my mouth and an expression which probably can't even be described covered my face! I kept looking around to see if someone was going to jump out to take photos (since he said he planned on doing that when the day came to propose- I knew that would signal the authenticity, as if the ring wasn’t enough!) Nobody jumped out so my confusion just continued…. Since I was completely not expecting this to happen that day (although I knew it was in our near future of course), I asked him if he had spoke with my  dad for his “blessing.” After he said he had and explained to me how excited my dad was, it finally soaked in just what was actually happening! On top of that, it turns out my best friend had known for two months, had seen the ring, and had kept it a secret! It was such a strange feeling to know that everyone had this secret for so long and I didn't catch on the slightest bit! Oh my gosh! I can look back now and see all the obvious signs and just amazed that I never caught on, because my intuition almost ALWAYS leads me to catch on to surprises.

On top of all of this, we quickly realized the clicking we heard in the background of this madness wasn’t our hearts racing, but was a train! After sprinting off the bridge I was able to catch my breath while I took a seat to the side of the tracks on an old rail as I hugged my Zachary for quiet possibly the longest hug ever. I still just couldn't believe it!!! The moment all girls dream about just happened....this was blowing my 'control freak' mind since I didn't know it was coming!But I was on cloud nine! And it was soooooo perfect because I didn't know! If I knew it wouldn't have been near as fun. He did such a great job :)

After the events died down we went back up the bridge to just try to soak in the moment again and we even found a friendly couple who took some photos for us, teary eyed and all, as we explained the excitement that just unfolded. Once back in the car, Zac wanted to go to where we had our real first conversation, which if you read my first blog post, you remember we aren’t fancy people… so that place was just the mall food court (the only place he could talk me into meeting him when I wasn't ready to date anyone since I was going to be in the mall that day anyway.) Once there, we shared our gourmet Chinese food (ha!) and then headed home. On the drive home it hit me that I had NO IDEA what he had said while on one knee, and I knew it had to be one of the sweetest things he would ever say to me…. So I asked him to reenact the whole experience, which of course was not even a consideration…. But I did get to find out what he said!

Since our engagement, I’ve begun envisioning my future with the one my heart was made for, and so of course have begun envisioning our wedding. Our priority is in having all our friends with us on our special day for what we want to simply be a good-ole-Kentucky (yet classy – no red neck themed wedding here…) time. Come back soon to find out the details of how we are making this wedding tailored to our personalities while also battling the challenge of keeping this wedding economically smart while managing a LARRRRRGGGEEEEE guest list….