Lea & Seth - A Wedding in Western Kentucky


From the Bride: Seth and I met at a little coffee shop called Overflow.  There was a new Christian organization, YoungLife, coming to Owensboro, and they were looking for potential leaders to help. We Facebook messaged each other that night and we went on our first date three days later.  It was so funny, because we both grew up in Henderson and went to the same high school.  His sister was even one of my soccer coaches, yet we didn't meet until 2011!

Seth proposed by sending me on a scavenger hunt around Owensboro to all the places we visited on our first date.  It started with a note on my car as I was leaving work. This note sent me to the first location.  Each location had a set of red ballons, so I wouldn't miss the note, a handwritten note about us, and the clue to the next location. The locations included Starbucks, the local bowling alley, and the restaurant, Colby's. I didn't see Seth during the scavenger hunt, but little did I know, he was having me followed by his sisters so he could be kept up-to-date on my location. The last clue of the scavenger led me to the location we first met, which was Overflow.  The coffee shop had to stay open late for Seth's plan, but it was absolutely perfect.  I was reading the final handwritten note and the final clue led me to turn around and Seth was down on one knee.

The vision for our wedding was rustic meets comfort.  We knew we didn't want something very flashy, so we figured the perfect venue would be a barn!  The barn needed a complete renovation to make it wedding-ready.  Through many hours of hard work, which included adding electricity, building a dance floor and plenty of help from Pinterest, we were able to create a unique place for our guests to be surrounded by love, good eats and lots of fun!

My favorite part of our wedding day was when Seth and I saw each other for our first look.  Seeing each other for the first time was amazing and couldn't have come soon enough.  Seth looked more handsome than ever and I couldn't wait to show him my dress that I had been keeping a secret for months.  It was a moment filled with so much excitement, many happy tears and lots of smiles knowing that the Big Day had finally arrived.  As far as the rest of the wedding goes, it was a very relaxed day for both of us.  Seth played golf, mowed the yard and finished packing for Jamaica.  I had a fun-filled day with the girls getting ready.  All in all, I wouldn't have changed a thing!

Lea & Seth's Wedding Team

Photographer: Studio Nine 29

Hair: Lauren Gossett

Venue: Private Farm in Owensboro, Kentucky

Cake: Sharon Kay and Lisa Fitzgerrel

DJ: Evan Gossett

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