How To Chose a Date for your Wedding


One of the toughest decisions thus far in wedding planning was deciding on the date for our wedding.

I had previously wanted a September wedding. There was just something about the way Kentucky feels in September that I've always loved and it seemed like it would make a great month for a wedding. Therefore, since we got engaged in November, it would have made sense to have the wedding in the following September. However, I am currently in Western Kentucky University’s online graduate school program. This means that this coming fall I will still be traveling for work while simultaneously taking a class AND  completing an internship when I'm not traveling during my busy last semester. Although doing school and the wedding would have been doable, it would have made me uuubbbeeerrrr stressed and would have made me feel like I couldn't give my all in any of my commitments. Additionally, I wanted the planning process to be something that I enjoyed with energy to devote towards it. And most importantly, I wanted to be able to be a true wife after I got married and  not have to rush back from the honeymoon and immediately right back to stress central. Therefore, I needed the wedding to be after December when I'll be finished with my course work.

So that made our wedding fall in January. Great right? Um….. no. I. despise. Being. Cold…. I'm very, very cold natured…. and the cold would ESPECIALLY not go over for this outdoor, rustic wedding we were wanting to have!!!! So, this moved the wedding a couple months back to April or May when Kentucky begins to warm up. I did some serious Farmer’s Almanac researching and realized that May is technically the rainiest month in Kentucky and of course April is known for rain as well. So this booted it back one more month to June. Since everything is blooming and beautiful in June, June sounded beautiful for a wedding.

I decided on early June to try to escape some of the humid heat that comes toward the end of the month. But then I later found out that BOTH my dad’s parents and Zac’s dad’s parents were married this exact same weekend, in the exact same year! This made me so excited!!! Although that Saturday and our grandparent's wedding years ago happened to fall on one earlier day than our wedding date, it is still special to us to honor them and have it on the same weekend.


 Now once you brides decide on your date, you may begin to question it like I have… is it going to be too hot? Will my cake melt? Is that a rainy month? Do I even like the numerical date that will represent my anniversary for the rest of my life? Will most of the people I invite be available to come? All those factors are important to consider wedding, especially the weather if you want an outdoor wedding. However, we don’t need to obsess over it. Does anyone here in Kentucky remember our random snow a few months ago in April?? The weather can be ABSOLUTELY unpredictable. But it’s important to remember that your wedding date will be BEAUTIFUL regardless of all those factors simply because you are completing your own love story! You’re making a life long commitment, which we must remember is what the day is actually all about. If you get too caught up in pleasing a ton of people with your date or any detail, you’ll quickly learn that you just can’t please everyone and somebody, somewhere won’t agree no matter what. The day is about YOU TWO, not everyone else. It is a once-in-a lifetime event and all, but let's save the "throwing a party for everyone else" mind sets for your future Super bowl parties you and your hubby will have :)

General considerations when deciding your date:

  • Weather
  • A date / time of year that allows your most important family members / guests to attend
  • Enough time after your engagement to be economically ready to pay for the wedding (but PLEASE don’t postpone your wedding for years for this reason… once again, remember weddings aren’t about impressing people. It’s about YOUR commitment to one another! Don't keep putting it off because you're being dishonest with yourself thinking you'll be more wealthy later).
  • A date that allows completing prior obligations you have made
  • Is your anniversary, a family member's anniversary, or any other significant day available for your wedding?
  • Holiday weekends are great to have an extra day off, but they could also rack up travel costs for out of town guests and honeymoons. I originally wanted Labor Day weekend or Derby weekend but decided against them by default when I realized June would be the best month for us.
  • How long do you want to be engaged? Are you in a hurry to get married?
  • If you choose a Friday or Sunday, or any month that is less common for weddings, many venues provide a discounted rate (if you'd like to know which ones I ran into in KY that offered discounted rates leave a comment below and I'll get back with you on it!)
  • For us here in Kentucky....let's be honest, you should avoid days in "March Madness" and the UK vs U of Louisville game if at all possible. However, incorporating the game into the day if it's during the reception or early afternoon could be totally cool! It's just something to consider. PS. - Go cats!
  • What dates do the vendors / venue you want to use have available?
  • It's important to remember most wedding gowns take at least 8 months to come in. Often what you try on in store isn't available to buy unless it's a "sample sale."
  • What is your vision? Snow covered hills? Wildflowers? What flowers will be in season in what time of year?
  • Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? Some places are not ideal to visit all year around due to hurricanes or raised costs.
I hope this has helped some of you ladies and gents! Leave a comment and let us know how you selected your wedding date!