Say "I Do" with Peacock-Ado


Though wedding planning can be quite stressful at times, it also comes with many fun activities like registering for wedding gifts and accessories to go with your gown! Join us as we interview Amy Carpenter of Peacock-Ado in Paris, a boutique that specializes in accessories, wedding registry and much more. Kentucky Bride Magazine: How did you get the idea to open Peacock-Ado?

Amy Carpenter: Before Peacock-Ado, I owned and operated a restaurant and catering business. The hours were very long and unpredictable, which made being a mom to a three-year-old pretty difficult.  I needed to make a change!  The idea of a shop of my own, where my daughter, Sophia, could be with me, appealed to me. Also, there were no other gift shops in Paris, so it seemed like the perfect solution to my problem.

KBM: How would you define Peacock-Ado?

AC: I think of it as more of a boutique. We are a small shop that focuses on unique items and specialized services, like our bridal registry.

KBM: What goes into selecting items that you sell in Peacock-Ado?

AC: As I mentioned earlier, we work hard to carry unique items, especially those that aren’t found in other shops. I find a majority of the items online or through catalogs. I also carry a few local artists that create handcrafted pens, equestrian art, jewelry and even hand knitted baby hats.

KBM: From accessories to home decor, you all offer an impressive selection of goodies. Out of all of these items, which ones would you say are most popular amongst your brides?

AC: I think the most popular items with brides are the wedding frames and other wedding related gifts.

KBM: Do you have a wedding and shower registry for brides?

AC: Yes! I do offer registry for brides called Peacock-I Do.  We carry stoneware dishes by TAG (available in 12 colors), several patterns of flatware by Ginkgo, glassware, entertaining and bar items and home decor. Most brides will also register at the traditional places, but they love our unique selection of items in addition to that.

KBM: I see some children’s items on your Facebook page as well. Do you offer a baby registry?

AC: I do offer baby registry as well. We carry infant gowns, blankets, hand knitted hats, frames, Jellycat plush, books and much more!

KBM: What are some challenges posed by owning your own shop?

AC: I think the biggest challenge of owning any small business is the financial end of it and also, the responsibility of making ends meet in all directions. Owning your own business means wearing lots of hats at one time!

KBM: However, with that being said, I’m sure it has some benefits as well. What is your favorite part of owning your own store?

AC: The benefits of having your own shop are many. For me, the best is having a place where my daughter can be with me. Also, of course, there’s the creative freedom and being located on Main Street in a small town means really knowing your customers and what they want.

KBM: Do you have a favorite item that you sell in your shop?

AC: My favorite thing… that's a tough one! I can't pick just one, but I love the handcrafted pens and gifts.  They are made locally and are truly a work of art! I also love my selection of jewelry and Caldrea, which offers a great line of scents for the home.

KBM: What is your favorite part of assisting brides prior to their wedding day?

AC: My favorite part of assisting brides is getting to know their individual style and helping them to select items for their new life and home.

KBM: Your Facebook page is filled with fun photographs and comments from different shoppers. Would you say this page has helped you engage more with customers? How does this page help you better serve customers?

AC: Absolutely! It allows me to let my customers know when we receive new items or are running specials.  Many times, customers will buy the items we post right away, which makes everyone happy!

KBM: Tell our brides why they should choose Peacock-Ado to assist them with their wedding registry and/or pre-wedding and accessory needs?

AC: Peacock-Ado is great for brides because we really focus on each bride and what they want.  We walk around the store with them and help to hand select every item. We can even special order items that we don't have in stock.  Each bride (and groom) gets table set up with the registered items displayed. This makes gift selection for the guests super convenient. Also, we do gift-wrap and phone orders!

KBM: Finally, at Kentucky Bride, we like to educate and inspire our brides. Give a few words of advice that could help us do this.

AC: The one thing I like to tell all my brides when they are registering is to remember they are not just selecting items for today, but also for the future, so they should choose items that will symbolize all the years to come!

To visit the Peacock-Ado webpage, click here. To connect with Peacock-Ado via Facebook, click here.