The Wedding Planning Meltdown


I don’t know what it is about the last month or two, but everything about wedding planning has felt so overwhelming and difficult to manage. When we first started planning the wedding, it felt like life was a lot calmer – but then I moved up at work and I have recently accepted a new job and it feels like everything around me is an absolute whirlwind (in a good way)…but our wedding planning has definitely suffered. By nature, I love to be in control of everything and will always take on more work than I can probably manage. This was a fine (not good, but fine) system when we first started planning, but it honestly spiraled out of control now that life has gotten in the way. Enter: Johnpaul’s “To Do List.”

You guys, when you’re wedding planning, remember that you aren’t doing it alone! Not that I felt that I was alone, but I think that I took everything on as my responsibility and when I felt like I couldn’t manage it, I kind of forgot that I am planning this with my partner and best friend. Johnpaul noticed that I was having a tough time and asked me to delegate some tasks to him – and I really think that he wanted to be more involved but I was hoarding all of the wedding planning responsibilities and was hardly allowing him to participate.

I gave Johnpaul the tasks of finalizing and paying our awesome DJ, Kim Sorise (more on her later), organizing the tasting for our rehearsal dinner, and locating and securing the chairs for our reception. This easily would have taken me several days of staring at it on a to do list and not having any time to do it and ultimately making the chairs a huge, stressful ordeal (is that sad?)…but Johnpaul did it in the course of a few hours.

I hoped that I’d fly through the entire wedding planning process and come out the other side saying something like “Oh, that? What a breeze! It was a fun process the whole time and I don’t understand how anyone gets stressed out planning a wedding!” Wrong. The truth is, not every aspect of wedding planning is fun. The week that I spent comparing restroom trailers certainly wasn’t what I’d dreamt about when we got engaged. But getting overwhelmed and letting the wedding planning get to me really put everything into perspective: all of this planning and all of the fun and not-so-fun things that go into it will all be worth it because at the end of it, I’m marrying my best friend in the world and starting an entire life together.

As I write this, we are four months away from our wedding day and I’ve made some calls to some wedding coordinators to allow these last few months of wedding planning to let me focus more on why we’re planning a wedding (to be married to each other) and less on oh my God what else do we need to do before September 13?

Share with us ways that you are helping to make your wedding planning process less stressful ...