Deciding on Our Wedding Theme


Let’s start off by getting it out there that I was never the girl to dream up her wedding for years pre-engagement. No dress magazines, no photos saved on my computer, no wedding board on Pintrest….nada.  That’s right… this frilly, foo-foo girl that I am, didn’t complete the girly-girl persona by dreaming up her wedding or knight in shining armor. I think part of the reason that I didn’t do that may have been because I am too independent-minded or just too busy. Who knows which is the cause, but I’m trying to work on both! Just a few years ago I actually remember being pretty concerned that all my friends were so excited about the day they got to walk down the aisle ,yet hardly any dreams or thoughts of my wedding hadn’t even crossed my mind… But no worries! Because the dreaming finally began after my fiancé and I started to talk seriously about being engaged. Zac did pop the question a few months earlier than I thought he would (which was PERFECT because it was a complete surprise and got the fun of wedding planning started earlier),  but this meant I had to start the wedding planning process completely from scratch. Some would have looked at this like a blank canvas, I looked at it like: "oh. my. gosh... what in the world do I do first?"

Regardless, I was so excited to just be engaged to this man so I was really trying to soak up that time in our relationship and take a couple days before beginning the planning. I feel like this is a good time to add a message of caution….

Warning: If you get engaged… those ‘few days to enjoy the engagement stage’ don’t exist. People will overwhelm you with questions IMMEDIATELLY about every single detail of your wedding. I had one person approach me to ask about a vendor services literally within minutes of announcing our engagement! MINUTES!!! AH! But I had to stop and remember that people’s tedious questions about the smallest details that come waaaaayyyy too early are NOT to overwhelm brides, but to show their excitement instead. That’s sometimes easier said than done, but everyone just loves weddings so it’s hard to not get excited for you! Take those comments as a sign of love :)

Back to what I was saying pre-warning…. I am completely surprised that me, the girl who never even dreamed up her wedding before, has dove head over heels with bridal bliss! Like, I am COMPLETELY loving the process!!! Now I will BEG for anyone to ask me about those tedious details because I just LOVE it and can't wait to tell ya about it! I can totally see me going to work in this industry full time one way or another after our wedding just because I’m going to be sad to not have it in my life once we’re done!

It was time to put my excitement to the side and tackle this head on to create a vision. But it was hard to have a vision since I didn’t have a venue in mind. And to be honest, the fact that I never knew exactly where I wanted to get married like my other friends knew was also always a worry in the back of my mind. Zac and I attend Southland Christian Church when I am not living out of state for work. However, their Danville campus doesn’t have a wedding chapel and the ceremony location in Lexington is too small for our guest list. Even if I didn't know which venue I wanted to use, one thing I did know was that my highest priority would be the focus on having as many of my friends and family together as possible to simply have a good-ole time to celebrate the big day. I wanted the focus to be on the good time opposed to the focus being on what shade the flowers were and if they coordinated with my centerpieces or other details we brides-to-be look way into...

It may surprise the people who know my current career/lifestyle that I truthfully would rather be in super soft work-out pants and a zip up over anything. Don’t get me wrong! I really love getting dolled up every now and then, but not probably as much as people expect. And Zac is very much a laid-back guy who has a whole-lot of southern hospitality in his up-bringing (which I LOVE! HELLLOOOO cute country accent!). Therefore, I envision our wedding as one that is pretty casual  yet chic overall and focused on natural-Kentucky elements. I had this vision but I didn't have a name for it until I got the position to be an official bride blogger here with Kentucky Bride Magazine. The name “rustic-chic” came out during the first explanation of my vision and it stuck J

Chic (\ˈshēk\ not "chick"): smart elegance and sophistication especially of dress or manner

Rustic (\ˈrəs-tik\): of, relating to, or suitable for the country

This rustic-chic theme originates from the combination of my love of all things Kentucky / country themed, with my girly-girl background of pageantry/fashion industry. This could mean burlap with rhinestones…. Raw wooden tables with silver centerpieces…. Who knows? But it is "rustic-chic" because I'm being very careful to do this without crossing into the line of 'red-neck'... although there is nothing wrong with that, that's just not what I personally want for my wedding :)

So now that we determined our vision, it was time to decide on a venue. For some reason, this was the BIGGEST and most DIFFICULT decision to make for wedding planning!!! But I’m going to have to save that spill for my next blog post here because I’d write a novel if I continued now! Come back soon and see how even I, the most indecisive person ever, decided on a venue after visiting almost all the wedding venues that central KY had to offer.

Share with us how you decided on the theme of your wedding and what that theme is ... would love to hear your ideas as well.


Note: Inspiration photos are not of my wedding and were found at the following websites. first photo: ( Second photo: Third photo: The featured image is of the Windmill Winery in Arizona found on