We are so excited to start a new social media campaign just for YOU!  Ever wonder what flowers are in season during your wedding? Or will all my guests really fit into the venue? Or what is proper etiquette for everyone walking down the aisle when you have 2 divorced parents that have remarried? Or anything that comes to mind.

Here's the concept:

We will be running a 2 week social media campaign where we will be taking any and all wedding-related questions that use #AskKentuckyBride! We will gather all of the questions on June 29th and send them to the experts to get the answers you need! Then, in July, we will release a fun and educational video with all the answers to your questions!

How fun is this?

To ensure that we are able to capture your question, ALWAYS use #AskKentuckyBride on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or simply leave your question in the comments below!

Side note: Since this is only a 2 week campaign, we will be marketing pretty heavily between June 15 - 28th, so please help us share this amazing opportunity with others, and don't hate us for over doing it - it's only for the 2 weeks, I promise!