Our Pewtiful Adventure


Johnpaul and I didn’t know much about what we wanted for our wedding right off the bat, but one thing we did know was that we wanted to be a) outdoors and b) have church pews. Easy, right? Wrong.

I think both of us just kind of thought “Oh yeah, sure, church pews are for rent everywhere – there are so many churches! Surely we’re not the only people who want church pews for outdoor wedding!” While I’m certain that we are not the only people in the Louisville area that want pews for their outdoor wedding, we may as well have been. Nobody rents them! We found one company in Alabama that wanted to charge nearly $5,000 for us to rent them – no thank you.

Going to Get Our Church Pews (Video)

Being the impulsive guy that he is, Johnpaul devoted over two weeks searching the country for pews that we could buy – and lo and behold, he found some! This is pretty much how the conversation went:

Johnpaul: “Babe, I found pews!” Me: “Those look cool!” Johnpaul: “Good. I already reserved them. They’re in North Carolina. We have to pick them up this weekend.”

…Okay then! It wasn’t until we rented the 24’ truck – that maxed out at 55 mph - and hit the road that we started asking the questions we should have asked before we committed to them: Where exactly are they located? (Answer: not on the Tennessee/North Carolina border as we thought – try 17 hours away on the coast of North Carolina). How long are these? (Answer: 12 feet). Will all 17 fit in this truck? (Answer: Thankfully, yes). What kind of wood are they made of? (Answer: Pine). Can we lift them? (Answer: Johnpaul can, I can’t). Will they all fit in our garage when we get back? (Answer: Again, thankfully yes).

As with a lot of the impulsive things that Johnpaul and I do, everything worked out. We picked up our pews at Word of Truth church in Greenville, NC to make room for their new pews. They were so wonderful and unbelievably helpful in loading everything in to our truck (because, truth be told, the pews were heavy and I was not a very good partner for Johnpaul). Even better: when we got home, we played some serious “pew tetris” and got every pew safely stored in our garage.

It may seem a bit excessive to purchase 17 church pews for our wedding, but it really was the best option for us – especially because we couldn’t help but notice that other brides and grooms may be able to benefit from our pews! In the near future, PewPeople.com (that’s us!) will be up and running so other couples don’t need to drive 34 hours in the snow in a truck that maxes out at 55 miles per hour – they just need to call us! Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some pews and the site isn’t working quite yet, I’m your girl!

I know that our pews will be everything we hoped they’d be and will really add a magical touch to our ceremony – or, as Johnpaul and I have been saying, they’ll make our wedding dreams come pew.

Have you gone on a wild goose chase for something in your wedding that you knew that you had to have to make your dreams come true? If so, we'd love to hear your story too ... please share below!

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