For A Lifetime: Maura & Clyde


Maura & Clyde have lived an abundant life. Married on August 19, 1943, they have shared 70 years of love and have contributed so much together. Clyde has been able to serve our country in the Navy, in the FBI and also as a Sheriff. Maura has written two books, been an active member in her church and they both have been involved in community service work and have done whatever they could to help others. It all started one evening when Clyde was home on leave from the Navy. He saw Maura sitting in the kitchen of a local tavern/beer garden and asked his friend who she was. They asked Maura to come out and talk with them for a bit. From that first night, Clyde knew Maura was special. He really liked her attitude, openness and notices how bright and smart she was.

Clyde had to go back to sea soon after they met, but they wrote letters to each other daily. These letters were the beginning of their relationship and allowed them to get to know each other on such a personal level. They quickly fell in love through these letters and sharing their dreams, love, and respect for one another. To hear more of their amazing love story and extraordinary marriage, you can watch the video below.

If you would like to read their whole love story and see images from their marriage, you can get the Summer/Fall 2014 issue HERE.

THANK YOU to Reel Special for bringing this love story from the pages of Kentucky Bride to film!