Whew! We've Selected Our Venue...The Bluegrass Wedding Barn!


One of the very most important factors of a wedding to me is the "where", (besides the "who" of course :) ). Therefore, it took a TON of researching high and low to find the perfect spot for us. This translated into 9 site visits and researching about 15 different venues and contacting several venue consultants. I just adore Zac for being a lenient groom who goes along with anything, but I just think it is especially precious that he was interested in coming to each one with me and weighing the pros and cons. We found some really incredible venues that just had breathtaking views and incredibly friendly event planners. Zac and I knew we wanted a rustic / country themed venue  in central Kentucky,  and one with a view, so that helped to narrow it down a bit. However, almost all of them were just either too small for our large guest list or weren't as rustic as we had hoped. In addition, we are really trying to be money conscious. I never understood how brides got so carried away in the cost of a wedding...but now I totally get it and see how easy it is to do!

But after months of searching, we FINALLY booked a venue!!! It is SO ironic that it happens to be in our hometown of Danville since we were accepting of the fact that we may have to travel in order to find what we wanted. We LOVE the fact that it is local for us and our families and that we get to bring some business to Danville, the city to which our hearts are truly attached. Considering Danville was voted into the Top 10 Most Beautiful and Friendly Small Towns in America by Rand McNally Atlas - we are incredibly excited to show it off!

And the big reveal....drum roll please...The Bluegrass Wedding Barn!

We decided on the Bluegrass Wedding Barn because of its size, its rustic-naturalness, incredible views of rolling hills, HUGE attached kitchen, attached bridal room, groom room (at no extra costs), the interior chandeliers, long sheer curtains, and the hanging twinkle lights which could win anyone over! However, we most importantly decided on this venue over every single other one in Kentucky because of Janna and Steve DiDomenico. They are one of the most welcoming and cheerful couple we've ever met. It has been a joy thus far collaborating with them and I know it will only get better from here on out. Cheers to being able to finally move on to planning other things! I'm finding that I have to calm myself down... As soon as I booked the venue I literally wanted to book every single last detail right that moment... despite having 1.5 years left to go at the time of us booking the venue! I'm trying to learn how to pace myself in the planning process...not doing too much too early in case I change my mind later, but trying to plan ahead so I can also not be overwhelmed with unexpected pop-ups later. Any brides out there have advice on the best way to do this????


Regardless, this venue got even better as time went on. A couple months after we booked it I got some AWESOME news... as if it couldn't get more awesome.

Janna DiDomenico (the venue coordinator and owner) emailed to tell me that they recently added a whole new floor to the Bluegrass Wedding Barn in addition to the new hardwood dance floor! When we signed the contract back in February, we knew the dance floor addition was coming. However, making an entirely new floor in  the barn was an exciting surprise! It was previously made of crushed limestone which looked like concrete but did make tiny crumbles if you skid your foot over it. This was ok, but I will say I was concerned about how it may work with people's shoes and my dress. So we are so excited to not have that concern anymore!

Since we are getting married in a wedding barn, I wanted to keep the rustic feel, but still have it classy. Through studying photos of other weddings, I realized that chairs can really cheapen or really enhance the feel (despite the fact that I previously thought: "who in the world caress about the type of chairs? Save money!" but oh yeah... your thoughts change once you officially become a bride-in-planning...the tinniest things begin to matter!). Therefore, as if the new floor wasn't enough, I had an even BIGGER smile on my face when she told me they bought all new chiavari chairs!


Chiavari charis are typically the nicest chairs most rental companies have to offer. Because of that, they are also the most expensive. My stomach already turns at the thought of spending SOOOOO much money just for one day. Therefore, I was going to get typical white, wooden fold-out chairs that rent for about $2.00 each opposed to the chiavari chairs that are more like $8.50 each. This was ok with me, but I did ideally dream of having the reception with the nice chiavari chairs that took the venue one step further. I just simply didn't consider them because of how many we need and because I could go with a more affordable option.

But Miss Janna from the Bluegrass Wedding Barn solved that worry! Not only is she saving me tonnssss of money since I now only have to rent chairs for the ceremony, but she is also upping the class our of reception GREATY with these nice chairs!!!!! With all this wonderfullness, I figured there had to be a catch... so I asked how many chairs they had... Most venues have around 150. But she had 340! That's perfect for our guest list! I learned that Janna is aiming to supply everything needed even including table cloths now with rental of this barn. For smaller weddings in this barn, brides can even just split the chairs she supplies between the reception and the ceremony and not have to rent any! I know this may seem little to you, and who would ever dreamed I would care so much about CHAIRS. But since this was one of my main concerns and because it will literally save me thousands, I'm just so, SO excited! Yay!!!!

We had a feeling when we signed the contract to have it at the Bluegrass Wedding Barn that Janna would pour her heart and soul into this business for her brides and grooms and she has already done just that... and our wedding isn't even here yet! We can’t wait for our wedding day to roll around to get to experience it in this beautiful location!

https://www.facebook.com/bluegrassweddingbarn or http://bluegrassweddingbarn.com/

Most photos taken by myself, from their website, or from BWB's photographer (credit on their site).

Where are you getting married? Let us know your venue and style!

Happy Planning,