Canvas Event Furniture: Unique Furnishings For Your Wedding


With almost every style from industrial to glam, Canvas Event Furniture is the place to shop for some of the most unique rental furniture in Kentucky. Kentucky Bride Magazine talked with Kyle Rodgers from Canvas Event Furniture to see what they have in store for brides like you!

Kentucky Bride Magazine: Since you're a brand new company in central Kentucky, tell us about the idea behind starting Canvas Event Furniture.

Kyle Rodgers: After being in the Lexington event industry for 10 years, we've seen events evolve so much from a mundane sea of tables to mixing it up with banquettes, lounges and unique bars. I saw the need for a local source instead of having to bring in companies from as far as Atlanta where the freight fees are high and the client is often responsible for unpacking/moving the furniture to its final location.

So our concept behind Canvas is not only to provide unique lounge and bar options in every budget range, but also to offer the complete set up and installation of the furniture so clients can tend to other important details on the wedding day. Supporting Kentucky-based small businesses has always been important to us too, as it gives back to our own community.

KBM: What's unique about the company and the furniture it offers?

KR: The variety and styles of furniture we offer makes us unique to others—we are definitely not in the business to have 20 of one sofa. The styles these days are so much more about mix and matching colors, textures and tones to provide more character in event spaces that match the personalities of the clients. While we do offer several “matchy matchy” collections, many of our items are authentic pieces, antiques and custom upholstered to provide a more personalized look than the average rental company.

KBM: I see on your website that you have many different kinds of furniture available to rent. How did you decide to offer these categories?

KR: The original plan was to source several collections that would fit a few different looks and then go from there based on what needs we saw. Our collections range from contemporary, industrial, rustic and glam, to antique vintage and a little of everything in between! So far the highest demand in the wedding market has been the industrial loft feel, or the southern antique vintage.

KBM: How are you able to customize the furniture you have for a bride? Are you able to scout new pieces for her?

KR: We offer many items that can be customized to a client's taste. From bar inserts to tabletops, custom upholstery and paint finishes, we have an array of items that we're always revamping for the next booking. It's important to us to provide unique looks so the bride and groom's personalities are evident in each detail.

We're expanding our inventory weekly, and we've sourced particular items to fit people's vision if we don't already have something similar in inventory.

KBM: When should a bride contact you to reserve furniture for her wedding?

KR: Like with anything in the planning process, as soon as they know what they are looking for it's a good idea to reach out to us to ensure availability of items and provide ample time for any customization. With that being said, we've had a few last-minute calls the week of a wedding that we've been able to accommodate, but that's always a bit of a gamble.

KBM: What's the process for how a bride should go about renting furniture from Canvas?

KR: The most helpful way to do it is to take a look at the Canvas Facebook and Instagram pages for updated photos of new inventory and event shots and have an idea of the look and items you like before contacting us.

At that point, there are two options. Rental prices can be done per item, or often times clients give us their allocated budget, likes and wish list along with their wedding look, and then we can bundle items together to create a full proposal to create their vision. From that point, we require a signed contract and a 50% deposit to reserve items for that date. And we work with brides and grooms directly and have worked with many great wedding professionals, planners and photographers as well.

KBM: Do you provide drop-off and pick-up service for the furniture a bride rents?

KR: We offer two options in terms of delivery. One is the basic drop-off and pick up within normal business hours, including delivery to venue within 100 feet of the truck and on the first floor. Many clients choose the second option which is a full service drop-off and installation, with our staff fully installing and setting the lounges and bars for the client. Lastly, if the items are smaller, there's an option for the client to schedule a pick-up at our warehouse.

KBM: What do you envision for Canvas in the coming year? Any new categories or furniture coming in?

KR: We are very excited to see what happens in this first year of business as we've just hit the ground running. There's still lots of work to be done in terms of getting the website and catalogs updated with the growing inventory, and we are still getting orders coming in monthly. Our goal is to be a resource to any bride or planner in any range of budget.

KBM: At Kentucky Bride, we strive to educate and inspire brides. Do you have any advice for a couple during the planning phase of their engagement?

KR: Make sure the day reflects your personalities, whether that's traditional or a step outside of the box. Keep a good grasp on your budget, especially during the beginning of the planning. It's so easy to get caught up in other's advice or suggestions and easy to get distracted with so many online and print influences. Start with an overall budget, making sure you've allocated enough to the areas that are truly important to you. It's much easier to tweak as you go instead of realizing down the road that you failed to budget for something.

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All photographs courtesy of Kyle Rodgers at Canvas Event Furniture.