Oh my...it's my wedding year!


  It is officially the year of my wedding…oh.my.gosh… I have finally finished my ‘save the dates.’ Although some 'wedding planning checklists' make me feel like I’m a few weeks behind in sending them out, I’m just so glad they are done! We decided to go with half postcards and half magnets to save a bit of money (postcards are cheaper!). Thankfully my fiancé has a degree in graphic design so he was able to design our save the dates. This made them extra special for us! Then, I found photo magnets made through a great Etsy seller I would highly recommend! I made sure they were thin and flexible magnets, which makes for cheaper shipping costs. The Etsy store is called “The Crafted Leaf.”



Along with getting save the dates out, it is time to help my future mother in law finalize our rehearsal dinner plans. I had a hard time deciding where I wanted the dinner held at first because I was hoping for some place other than our wedding venue simply to show our out of state bridal party a little more of Kentucky. For those who keep up with my wedding planning adventures, you may remember my extreme desire to help other Kentucky brides NOT spend so much time searching for venues as I did. Although I made that handy excel spreadsheet with the rental and final costs of each central KY venue, there was one venue that wasn’t ‘born’ yet that I was going to fall in love with!  Even better, this venue just opened in Danville! We decided to have our rehearsal dinner there because it truly has the best features combined into one simply natural venue.



The name is WarrenWood Manor. This historic home dates all the way back to 1856. It is the perfect mix of so many things. It is vintage with the high ceilings and old fire places. Secondly it shines with southern charm, with its wrap around porch to view the surrounding acres of land. Lastly it is rustic, with a beautiful black barn adorned with large twinkle lights ready for a party! I’m excited to walk our guests down into the dungeon-like basement just to feel like we are stepping into a blast from the past. One major hint I stressed before was to make sure you check out the amount of tables and chairs included in each venue. I'm thrilled that this one has decorations to use, nice tables, and Chiavari chairs to make setting up  cheaper and easier for us.  We are currently planning to have the dinner inside, but this beautiful barn or the stone patio is soooooo tempting....



Since finalizing our rehearsal dinner plans, I'm relieved because I feel like I don’t have to design the whole wedding AND the rehearsal dinner. One tip I have is to not underestimate the importance of making sure you 'click' with the venue owner or manager. This will be who you are dealing with for months up until your date and I would think could definitely can make or break your special day.




My favorite part about this venue is that the owner, Brittney Adams, and I seemed to 'click' instantly. Maybe this is because she is an experienced event planner and understands every single factor involved of my planning. She also just seems so passionate about Warrenwood Manor. Her excitement and passion is understandable because she got married herself at Warrenwood Manor last October!!

My second favorite part was how Brittney allowed us to choose which areas we wanted to rent out, without having to rent the entire venue…. And guess what… no hidden mandatory fees here! That was the worst part about venue shopping was getting tricked with low rental costs but high ending costs because of mandatory fees - make sure you get the very bottom dollar before finalizing your venue! (FYI: Brittney can be contacted at info@warrenwoodmanor.com)

It's been good catching up with you lovelies but it is time for some much needed rest, because I'm throwing a baby shower tomorrow! And guess who for.... my sister! We are welcoming the first rand child on both sides of mys siter and her husband's family and I'm going to be an aunt for the first time! Our family is going to have the biggest year ever next this year! I'm holding the shower at Warrenwood so I'll be sure to post pictures on my instagram!