Tables, Chairs, & Decor...oh my!



So…. How many inches should the tablecloths be again? I keep finding myself asking that over and over since it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of wedding planning. With a little less than three months to go - It’s time to reserve tables, chairs, tablecloths, and so much more. Initially, I thought I could handle this on my own and just got online to check out prices and measurements of rentals and see which ones I should reserve. But I QUICKLY realized there were WAY too many options and I didn’t have the foundation to make the right judgment. Do I reserve 5ft or 6ft tables? Should they be round or rectangular? And how many inches of tablecloth correspond with those sizes? How many chairs per table? This was all way more than my bride-to-be brain could handle.


I quickly found a very helpful website: Wedding Planning for Dummies. Here you can find helpful information about how many square feet you may need per quest – which differs depending on the type of dinner you’re serving and if you have a dance floor or not. However, I still felt overwhelmed because I didn’t know what corresponded with the exact rentals I had reserved and what would fit in my venue the best.



Our venue, Bluegrass Wedding Barn, thankfully supplies NUMEROUS tables in the barn and even sets them up. However, we needed just a few more tables to finish off our guest list. I REALLY loved the look of raw farm tables – but I just didn’t know where to find them. I did some online research and found Kim at I knew I wanted to use her when I heard her bubbly personality on the phone and her passion for making each wedding truly special. Additionally –she sealed the deal for me when she said she was in the process of making raw, wooden tables that really go with our garden-rustic-chic theme. They are BEAUTIFUL and EXACTLY what I wanted! The best part about it is that her husband built them by hand! That’s a Ky Proud, locally made, farm table which is perfect for our KY themed wedding!


During my ultimate confusion about renting tablecloths – Kim made the decision SO easy for me when she simply told me to not worry about a single thing because she had every single item I would need to rent. Every question I had about table runners, chairs, tablecloths and more vanished! I’m so grateful to have her. On top of that – she even offered to bring them to Danville for us for our wedding! I am SO excited and SO relieved! This must have made me pretty giddy because once I was relieved about the tablecloths, I discovered that she had a bourbon-barrel bar and a beautiful arch-way that I just couldn’t go without!



When all these details were taken care of at a flip of a switch I realized this was a major advantage – so I HIGHLY recommend finding a rental company who has everything you need under one roof. Although I originally thought me and my family members could just make some trips up to Lexington to get the rentals – I later realized it’s just not worth everyone scrambling around the last minute. I want them to enjoy the day as much as I want myself to enjoy the day. It is SUCH a relief knowing I won’t have to worry about a thing!