Wedding Coordinators Vs Planners


It was my goal to have all my décor bought and the rentable items reserved two months prior to our wedding. I can barely believe that time is now! To those of you who are not planning a wedding, 2 months prior may seem very early to get those details done. However, I want to get them knocked out early so that I can have time to devote to the tedious details of floor plans, seating charts, and DJ song lists for the next month…and I had NO idea how many of those details there were!


With emotions running crazy, tons of opinions, and so many options on Pinterest/Etsy – planning is overwhelming to say the least. Considering I overlook minute details in a normal day to day basis when I’m not bride crazy – I couldn’t imagine the mess my wedding may be if I didn’t have someone very experienced to guide me. So, if you’re in the early stages of planning – I highly suggest getting a coordinator or a planner to cover so many details that we brides may forget. I can tell you that it’s already worth every (very affordable) penny and my wedding isn’t even here yet!

You may ask what the difference is between a “week of / day of coordinator” and a “full planner.” With a coordinator, you’re allowed (and required) to pick all your own vendors, contact, book them, and to select your own décor. They may guide you to suggestions – but you do the booking. Planners on the other hand do all the booking and suggesting for you. I know there are brides out there who want to simply show up to their own wedding– which is why planners exist and are probably the best option for them. But I wanted to have my hand in the pot of planning of my own wedding, because it makes it special and truly is fun! I will also guess that most brides are like me in that they want to cut costs when possible. So for personal preference and to save a few dollars, I didn’t book a full wedding planner/designer but booked a ‘week of’ planner instead – and oh how I’m grateful!

Even if I wanted a full-production wedding planner, I couldn’t imagine it not being the coordinator I am so grateful I have - Kaelyn Query of Lex Effect. I met with her just the other day and felt so much stress just melt away. One of my favorite things about having a coordinator is that for every question I have – she has an answer for!  (Yes, Google searches for wedding info/timelines do exist – but I’ve spent way too much time deciphering through different opinions and huge overloads of info online and then remembered, this is what coordinators are for!) She helped me decide a good ceremony time, a good amount of time to leave for dinner, how many chairs to reserve, how many guests may actually come, and much more! We also reviewed everything from centerpieces to bridal party names. In just a short amount of time, she really helped me check off so many things I hadn’t previously thought about.  I could TOTALLY see me doing something like getting all the décor to our venue but forgetting to bring string to hang them - or other minute problems that would seem monumental the day of. Whew! Just when you think you’ve covered it all there are still so many details left – and that’s where my coordinator has saved me.

Coordinators are also great for guiding you in set up or helping with set up. You may have big burly guys and your dad is uber strong… but do you really want your Pops sweating while setting up 100s of chairs instead of seeing his baby girl before walking down the aisle? Wouldn’t you rather spend time having lunch with your bridesmaids and mother instead of them be rushing around tying bows? People- these coordinators chose their job to make your one day very special for YOU – so let them J

Personally, knowing that my coordinator will be there with a team of guys (not wearing tuxes or needing to be taking photos in an hour) to set up is monumental. I wish I could hug her right now just thinking about it….So ladies – my biggest piece of advice thus far is to please find a coordinator or planner that’s right for you. Yes it may cost a tiny extra, but your sanity is worth it!


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