Free Download: Printable Budget Worksheet


Planning Pages Blog Budget_top photo We hope you have already been able to begin using the Planning Checklist from last week's Free Download! For this week, we're moving to something a little less fun, but very important: The Budget! We created this worksheet to aid in this important aspect of wedding planning & included every little thing we could think of so that it could be customizable to each & every one of you!

Deciding on & keeping track of your wedding budget is crucial! In fact, if you've already downloaded the Planning Checklist, you know it's actually the third item listed. There's a reason for that. The wedding budget dictates the entire affair & can even determine how many guests you'll be able to invite. We recommend sitting down with your fiancé (and family if they plan to contribute) pretty soon after receiving that ring to figure out what you can afford.

We also think it's a good idea for you & your fiancé to each write down your top 3 priorities, before you begin working through your budget, so you can be sure to allocate enough to those areas that are especially important to you. In fact, we didn't include any percentages in this worksheet for that very reason; everyone has different plans & priorities for their wedding. For some that may be hiring a videographer, while others would much rather spend that money on a delicious dinner for their guests!

Enjoy & be sure to check back next week for your next Free KBM Download!

Love, The Ladies of Kentucky Bride


To Download: Click on the link below to open the file, then Save to your computer! That's it! KBM Wedding Budget Worksheet