Kelsey and Landen's Cason's Cove Wedding

From the bride: Out of the whole day I think my favorite and most vivid part was our ceremony. Everything else seemed blurry at the end of the day but our ceremony truly stuck out and I remember every detail. I remember the look on my husband’s face when the doors opened, I remember the words we said to one another, and I remember the prayer that was spoken over us.

While planning, the idea of our ceremony script never crossed my mind. I remember sitting down with my husband to write it out and it was the thing I was the most excited to customize. Dresses only come in certain patterns, there are only so many colors and cake flavors you can choose from, but the words you promise to your spouse and the ceremony you create for your union can go so far beyond just picking a pattern. My husband's father is who married us, and he has always set a beautiful example of a loving husband to his son so that made our ceremony all the more intimate and beautiful. It was almost like he was passing down the promise he made to his wife all those years ago to his son to make to his bride that day. Without a doubt my absolute favorite part of our wedding and it meant the world to my husband to have his best friend, his dad, to be right there with him on such an important day.

The advice I would give to future brides is to forget your expectations. Sometimes our own personas of what our wedding day should be can be our own worst enemy. We get so wrapped up in weddings that we forget about the marriage. Wedding planning time should be more about the union than the details. In ten years, it won't matter that it rained on your outside ceremony. It won't matter if it was too windy to do a sparkler send off. It won't matter if the flower girl cried, or that there weren't enough charger plates. What will matter is how you and your spouse handle twists and turns in life. Your happiness will matter. The promises you made to one another on that day and whether you've kept those promises or not will matter the most. I leaned on my husband so much while wedding planning, I couldn't have done it without him, because I couldn't do life without him. I guess that's why I married him. Let your husband have his ideas, let go of control over everything and do it together because it's great practice for life after marriage! Be more in love with your spouse than your wedding, that's the best advice I can give!

Photography: Dani Ford | Location: Alvaton | Venue: Cason’s Cove | Florals: Teresa’s Flowers & Gifts | Caterer: Tater’s Bar B Que | Cake: Amy Spalding | Music: First Dance | Hair: Kattie Wyatt of Debbie’s | Makeup: Kelsey Stephens | Bride's Attire: Allure Bridals | Groom’s Attire: Vera Wang | Credits: Bridesmaid Dresses: Vera Wang

Katelyn Daugherty